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Creative Mobile Advertising truck Manufacturer

Siwun celebrated his 50th birthday in May, 2020. In past half century history,  Siwun has grown from a small motor manufacture & repair factory to be a leading advertising truck manufacturer in China.  At that time, we have finished many projects with big brands in China like Benz, Huawei, 3M, Cummins, Coca Cola, Oppo etc to build promoting trucks for them.

In recent years, we also started our own advertising truck rental business in China and developed global OOH markets to build advertising trucks in Africa, United States and Southeast Asia. We are happy to tell you that we have skillful experience and technology to build majority advertising trucks in the world.

Siwun team

Challenges In Outdoor Advertising Industry

1# The traditional outdoor advertising is faced with big challenge to attract advertisers to invest since the new advertising media is developing so fast.

3# OOH media which can cover the most cities of your country is still of shortage;or these kind of media channels are homogeneous and could not help your service stand out.

big challenge of traditional OOH

2# Outdoor LED billboard is increasing popular. However, the cost is too high and electricity supply is still a big problem to limit the application of LED billboard.

4# When individuals want to establish an outdoor advertising company, he will find fierce competition in the market like banners, prints or events. It is hard to find a niche product or offer competitive OOH service.

Why Choose Siwun Advertising Truck

Siwun mobile advertising truck, especially the mobile digital LED truck, has been developing fast in OOH markets. This kind of new creative experience promoting has widely spread among automobiles, beverage and drinks, telecommunications, and industrial brands.


Wide range of truck models

Siwun factory can produce different structures of advertising trucks include exhibition truck, stage truck and digital LED billboard truck etc. All of these designs have advanced features for your event.


Customization support

We have finished a lot of customized advertising trucks in past projects. In this process we have strengthened supply chain and collected functional designs for your requirement.


Rich skills in OOH media

Siwun has rich experience in advertising truck rental business. We have leased more than 100 advertising truck fleet into the rental market. We know better how to build best advertising trucks for you.


Professional sales team

Many members of Siwun sales team have almost worked 10 years in advertising truck industry. We know  how to build your truck well with best materials and functions.  You will work together  with us efficiently.


Successful big brand cases

Siwun has worked with big brands like Siemens, Lenovo, Oppo, Coca Cola, Pepsi, FAW-Volkswagen, Honda, Suzuki etc. Our advertising trucks designed for those companies can also help your local brands promote their brands well.


Global marketing strategy

As leading advertising truck manufacturer, we have marketing strategy and product R&D investment to enter different countries.  We can cooperate with you and build long term business partnership to  develop local advertising market.

Siwun advertising truck clients

Mission, Vision and Value

Mission of Siwun company


Help global outdoor communication companies to conduct impressive, cost effective roadshows with adverting trucks.

Vision of Siwun company


We envision us as Chinese most respectable, diversified, and profitable mobile advertising truck manufacturer in the near future .


Value of Siwun company


With well-trained, motivated and responsible staffs, we offer partners an excellent program to develop outdoor advertising.

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