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Company Profile

Meet Siwun, Meet Outdoor Advertising

Guangzhou Siwun Vehicle Co., Ltd is the LED advertising truck and roadshow container manufacturer serving OOH advertising agency and marketing departments around the world.

Siwun employees team

When it comes to outdoor advertising and promoting campaigns, most of OOH media companies have following puzzles during the operation:

  • 01

    The traditional outdoor advertising is faced with big challenge to attract advertisers to invest since the new advertising media is developing so fast;


    There is still shortage of OOH media which can cover the most cities of your country;or these kind of media channels are homogeneous and could not help your service stand out;

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    Outdoor LED billboard is increasing popular, however, the cost is too high and electricity is still a big problem to limit the development of LED billboard;


    When individuals want to establish an outdoor advertising company, he will find fierce competition in the market like banners, prints or events. It is hard to find a niche market or offer competitive OOH service.

With a combination of truck/trailers, LED screen, scrolling banner, hydraulic stage, lifting system, generator and other media equipment, Siwun’s mobile digital advertising trucks have good performance in experiential marketing and outdoor digital marketing by efficiently connecting brands with audience. Here is why Siwun can help you in OOH media and Below-The-Line (BTL) brand activation:


With our mobile advertising truck, you can easily reach any city to conduct the promotion campaign which can obviously break the limit of your business service zone;


Attract more audience with our impressive digital Led truck during the promoting events, and make your advertiser feel confident;


Less invest cost and usage cost with good opportunity to win new advertisers from varieties of industries and applications;


LED truck can make your media channel diversified and help you stand out during the battle with your competitors;

Chinese and American markets have seen the OOH revolution taken by digital LED trucks. It is your opportunity to take this new OOH advertising truck for your brands.

Mission, Vision and Value

Siwun mission


Help out-of-home(OOH) company to conduct impressive, cost effective roadshows with mobile adverting truck .

Siwun vision


We envision us as Chinese most respectable, diversified, and profitable advertising truck manufacturer in the near future .

Siwun value


With well-trained, motivated and responsible employees, we offer our partners an excellent program to develop the advertising marketing.