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Design Your Truck

Siwun will provide our clients with professional designs and drawings based on their requirement. For each quotation, we are able to do custom designs based on our experience and offer professional suggestions. Our sales team will project manage your projects from start to finish. So, all you need to do is tell us what you want and what application you have, and we’ll do the rest for you.

D-12S truck designD-12S truck design inside


Truck Construction

After 40 years development, Guangzhou Siwun Vehicle Co.,Ltd is committed to updating technology and raw materials to make sure clients can benefit from our led trucks and advertising vehicles.



    In the field of advertising vehicle Siwun has accumulated technology including patents and design capabilities. As the leading domestic high-end model manufacturer, Siwun can offer outstanding solution in vehicle design, structure engineering, hydraulic lifting, electrical control, multimedia integration, new material application and so on.

    Siwun technology teamSiwun factory displaySiwun LED truck steel frame



    Siwun has nearly 90 machining equipment, including CNC lathe, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine, CNC milling machine and so on. The manufacturing and installation team has experience and accurate delivery time under the implementation of lean production management system.

    Siwun robot machineSiwun cutting machineSiwun painting machine



    To keep quality control of each truck, Siwun has exceptionally seasoned and skilled professionals and many of they have been focused on this advertising truck fields. They will provide with custom technology support for roadshow vehicle project. Here are some data:

    The first acceptance rate of engineering is 100% .

    The choices rate of production service is 95%.

    Customer complaint handling rate 100%.

    Grave accident zero times.


Overseas Shipping


    Ro-On/Ro-off Shipping

    A Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) vessel load our trucks via a stern ramp – a secure and efficient process that ensures safe handling regardless of weather conditions. Inside a roro ship it works like a parking house, with ramps connecting the decks. Our roadshow trucks and trailers are rolled onboard to the appropriate deck and safely secured with lashing to the vessel deck.

    Siwun Ro-Ro shipping


    FR Container Shipping

    Flat rack containers are a premium product for the transport of our overseas trucks and small trailers. Unlike roro shipping, FR container shipping has more vessels and can deliver our LED advertising trucks in time for clients. This is the most popular option when clients eager to receive their trucks.

    Siwun LED truck on flat rack containerSiwun LED truck on 40ft container


    OT Container Shipping

    Open top containers are seldom used when we deliver our trucks and only suitable for the vans without cabin and chassis. It can be used for customized D-6S model without truck. Sometimes we use OT container to deliver bigger LED trailers.

    Siwun LED truck box ready for 40OT containerLED truck box in 40ft OT container


    HQ Container Shipping

    HQ containers are only used for shipping our mobile led trailers and one 40ft HQ container can fits 3 units LED trailers. It is perfect solution for our clients to save the shipping cost.

    Led trailer ready for shippingLED trailer in 40HQ container