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our history

Founded in 1970, Guangzhou Siwun Vehicle Co.,Ltd has developed to be the trustful and skillful brand of advertising vehicle manufacturer during decades of operation. And now we are contributing to play an important role in the global markets based on our skills of thousands advertising trucks and hundreds of group brand clients.

  • Siwun factory in 1970

    Year 1970 - Siwun Story Begins

    Guangdong Postal Vehicle, the predecessor of Siwun, was founded in year of 1970. It was one of the biggest state-owned enterprises in Guagdong Province, China. The purpose of the factory was to improve the maintenance of postal trucks. After its establishment, this factory has been focused on special vehicle manufacture.

  • Siwun China Post truck

    Year 1986 - NEW Company Name Siwun

    This factory renamed Siwun as the new company name and brand. Siwun is short for Strong Industry Win Universe. Following the the development of market economy in Guangzhou, Siwun was growing its truck manufacture business and experienced internal company management to adapt the environment of competition.

  • Siwun food truck after new company name

    Year 2001 - New Start In 20th Century

    Siwun got the ISO 9001 Certification and developed about 40 models of stage trucks and postal trucks in domestic markets. During this period, Siwun experienced fast development in the advertising industry and logistics Industry after year 2001. Siwun became a famous factory brand in the local markets.

  • Siwun truck shipping at port

    Year - 2004 First Overseas Order

    Siwun won the prize of top 20 Special Vehicle Manufacturer in China and received the first order from Hongkong after Siwun got the export qualification from the government. In the same year, Siwun exported its products to Hongkong and it was a symbol of oversea markets order. This order has given Siwun more confidence to develop the markets all over the world.

  • Siwun trucks for logistics company

    Year 2006 - Container Trailer Production

    After Siwun got the certification of China Classification Society(CCS), Siwun produced the first batch of container trailers for logistics company including NYK, P.G.LOGISTICS, NIPPON EXPRESS etc. These container trailers helped Siwun to research and build roadshow container semi trailer in next few years. After continuous research and development, roadshow container trailer became one of the main product series of Siwun.

  • Siwun stage truck for beer brands in 2000

    Year 2007 - Stage Truck Bulk Orders

    Siwun stage trucks were welcomed by electric & beverage companies in China and Siwun received about 100 units stage trucks order from MASTER KONG, PRESIDENT, TSINGTAO BEER, PEPSI, NOKIA, YASHILY, SCIENT etc. Siwun stage truck had a fast growth and wide brand recognition in Chinese domestic market after year 2007. At the same time, Siwun was trying to improve the design of advertising trucks.

  • Siwun Lead advertising truck market

    Year 2009 - Lead advertising truck market

    Siwun was rewarded as “best marketing development enterprise” by FOTON Automobile and “best special vehicle manufacturers in China” by JAC Automobile. In 2009, Siwun developed to be the lead manufacturer of Chinese advertising markets and kept launching new LED advertising trucks and other models into market. What’s more, Siwun received 1,000 units logistics truck order for next three years from SF Express.

  • Siwun new model T-40D roadshow trailer

    Year 2015 - Germany Patent Certification

    Siwun's new Roadshow Container Semi Trailer has got the Germany Patent Certification in 2015. This model shows the most advanced technology and designs in Chinese roadshow truck industry. It is also a symbol of Siwun’s research and development ability is leading the market. More and more container trailers were ordered by big brands after the new innovation.

  • Siwun exported Led truck for MTN Ghana

    Year 2019 - Develop international markets

    Siwun updated new international website and exported advertising trucks to Congo, United States and Ghana. We organized professional international sales team and made advertising campaigns to spread Siwun brand to international markets. It was also a symbol that Siwun decided to expand its advertising truck business to the world and participated local big events such as elections and important sports match.