Auxiliary Ads Equipment Models

Human Walking Billboard


Dimension 1450mm×630mm×50mm
Gross Weight 7.6 KG
LED Lighting Hours 8~9 Hours
Battery 6000mAh
Banner Size 1380mm×570mm

Human walking backpack billboard is a portable lighting billboard equipment to make your advertising and brand attractive in crowd. You can equip this media to your campaign team with less cost.

Auxiliary Ads Equipment Guidance

Advertising equipment

What is our auxiliary advertising equipment?

Auxiliary ads equipment is some popular or creative advertising outdoor equipment which can match and work together with Siwun advertising vehicles.

Siwun has chosen some advertising equipment for clients in China. These equipment includes human walking billboard, vehicle mounted silent generator, LED bag etc. These outdoor advertising equipment are also helpful for our client’s business.

If you need more advertising equipment, Siwun can help you buy those equipment and ship together inside our advertising trucks.

Advantage of our auxiliary ads equipment

Siwun has worked with our suppliers and advertising equipment partners to give a completed solution to clients and save their shipping cost.

You can find new launched outdoor promoting equipment here, and get it with competitive cost without sacrificing the quality. When you shop, you are getting a completed helpful equipment for your business.

We work deep with our client to help them sourcing goods they want in China and build long term business partnership.

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