Advertising Truck Projects in Outdoor Media Market

In past decades, mobile advertising trucks built by Siwun have served more than 95% car brands in China. We also finished much more advertising truck projects for big brands in FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods), electrics, furnitures, home appliances and more. These successful projects have made Siwun win the leading manufacturer of mobile advertising vehicles in China.

Siwun sells more than regular design mobile advertising trucks. Many of our projects are customized for these big brands such as Huawei, VIVO, Benz, Toyota, 3M, Schneider, Ikea, MTN etc. We are committed to providing successful outdoor advertising projects with our qualified and creative trucks.

Check some successful advertising truck projects we have done:

Business Type in Siwun Truck Projects

With more and more companies are interested in mobile advertising trucks for their branding, Siwun has built many advertising trucks for those clients in different areas. 

We have worked with these brands who are in different developing stages in the industry. From beginners to top leading brand, we have offered different products for them to promote the brand.

There are some typical business areas where our mobile advertising truck cases are applied.


Advertising Agency Case

Media group and small adverting agency help their clients to promote and advertise products at local with creative Siwun mobile advertising truck.


Automobile Case

Big automobile corporations and their car distributors use mobile LED advertising truck to promote their new launched car models every year.


Telecommunication Case

Telecommunication company use mobile advertising truck to advertise their 4G/5G mobile data and package for consumers in the whole country.


Food & Beverage Case

Drinks, beers and other beverage companies use advertising truck to launch promoting campaigns of their hot products in many cities every year. 


Bank & Insurance Case

Bank and insurance agency use mobile digital LED stage truck to advertise their credit card, deposit policies or insurance benefits to their clients.


Home Appliance Case

Big global home appliance corporations use mobile LED stage truck to display their new machines and ask client to experience in big cities.

Siwun successful advertising truck project

Start Your Advertising Truck Project

Would you want to build a mobile adverting truck? Siwun can collect your ideas and design your own truck based on our rich experience. Actually many brands are using similar advertising truck models for their product promoting.

If you have seen good projects in our gallery, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.  You can apply these cases to the similar brand in your country for creative mobile truck advertising. Then you will start new business with Siwun factory to take these advertising trucks to your market.

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