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Car Brands Expand Roadshow Truck for Promotion

Mobile roadshow stage truck has been hot media while car brands plan for outdoor promoting campaigns. You may say car companies still invest a lot on online digital ads and traditional bellow-the-line medias. However, roadshow truck could not be ignored since more and more car brands have developed it as a regular media channel.

Advertising coverage in the traditional media is only a superficial data. Nowadays car brand advertisers are more concerned about the true arrival of advertising. That means the advertisement should match with audience and go to affect consumers’ purchasing behavior. With the growing strength of China’s outdoor event market, roadshow trucks are playing an important role as an emerging representative of independent outdoor media.

Strengthen Car Brand

Promoting roadshow stage truck for car company can significantly increase the brand awareness. It has large outdoor visual screens, brand experience area, and big stage for performance. All programs are designed to better display the value of car brand and create the interaction between car company and consumers.

Push The Deal

The direct goal of car promoting roadshow truck campaign is to push the final deal of consumers. In this event, car company has released the good pricing system for attendance in promoting activities. It works together with roadshow performance to affect consumer to make the decision.

—Hot Models—

T-40D Exhibition Semi Trailer

Acura car mobile roadshow stage truck

How to use your LED advertising tuck to plan car promoting event?

—Hot Models—

D-6 mobile digital LED truck

D-6 mobile digital billboard for car advertising

Advantages of LED Stage Truck for Car Promoting

This new marketing media of roadshow stage truck with LED screen can better promote the brand and products of automobile companies. Consumers can learn how to purchase different models of the car company. The automobile salesman can answer technical questions face to face. By experiencing the real car life at site, attendance will have deep understanding of the car brand.

Consumers believe when they personally experience the quality of the products in the roadshow campaign. These mobile roadshow stage trucks can allow consumers to participate in the exciting performance, prize quiz, interactive games and better price discount. This warm and relaxing atmosphere can improve their awareness and happiness. Then consumers have stronger willing to buy the car.

Increasing Car Promoting Events with Roadshow Truck

More and more churches and Christ organizations are using mobile gospel truck for their crusades to the unreached. And the gospel stage truck has been proved an effective way to build a better event. The LED screen and speakers on stage truck can better spread Christ spirit and let Jesus’s voice to be heard.

You can also use the stage lights to perform a wonderful Christ brand show to share the belief on God.  The gospel stage truck will be your good partner to save more people.

Why Mobile Roadshow Truck is Attractive to Car Companies

“A product with better distribution will always win over a superior product with poor distribution or customer access. It’s not fair. It’s not right. But it’s reality!”

–Stephen Davis, MD of CXO Advisory Group.

Truth is that not all ads work well. Some car ads that test well in big cities do not perform well in other regions, small cities or villages. Many consumers do not grasp the meaning of their car ads. They are not closed to the car company products.

Mobile roadshow truck and stage trucks are new creative advertising media that works well for car companies to strengthen their distribution channel. It is also a marketing support policy from car company headquarters.

The first companies who used roadshow truck to launch promotion campaigns have seen the good performance. This roadshow stage truck has lead a new marketing method. And many car companies have been involved in the roadshow truck campaign battle.

Roadshow truck has lead revolution on the traditional promotion model. Direct on-site promotion has been more popular. Promotion on individuals turns to be large-scale and group promotion. Car distributors and marketing team put the target consumers together. Spread the car company culture and products in drive experience, dancing performance, car training, and discount policy.

Customers are deeply impressed in the viewing, interacting and purchasing. This is what roadshow truck has taken to car companies.

Build Customized Car Promoting Roadshow truck

Would you like to build a mobile roadshow stage truck to promote car brand? Siwun has worked for 90% car and truck brands in China to manufacture roadshow trucks and digital LED display trucks.

We have built 40ft exhibition semi trailers, small digital LED billboard truck and many other customized function exhibition truck models. Our clients cover Benz, Honda, Toyota, Geely, Buick, Acura, Nissan, Trumpchi, Chery, BYD, FAW, Hongqi and so on.

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