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Huawei mobile exhibition truck campaigns Case Study

Huawei mobile promoting truck application in brand advertising

Huawei, the global leader in telecoms, has a great range of products to promote and advertising. This article will share Huawei mobile advertising trucks both ...

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tips to buy LED truck Technology

11 Tips to Buy mobile LED billboard Truck in China

Many advertising agency in Africa have seen advantages of using led screen truck in outdoor promoting. They want to contact led truck manufacturers from China ...

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How to Select Silent Generator for LED Screen Truck

The LED advertising vehicle, also called mobile led truck or digital billboard truck, has become one of the most famous choice for outdoor advertising events ...

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Casarte mobile event exhibition trailer Case Study

Casarte launched new mobile exhibition truck campaign in 2019

On March 16, 2019, the "Villa Life" Casarte creative arts roadshow launched 12 mobile exhibition trucks in 12 cities simultaneously. To spread Casarte brand spirit, ...

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