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11 Tips from LED Adverting Truck Manufacturer to Buy LED Screen Truck in China

October 14, 2019    

Many advertising agency in Africa have seen advantages of using led screen truck in outdoor promoting. They want to contact led truck manufacturers from China but then are lack of experience which one to buy from. In fact, there are too many factories of LED advertising vehicles in China. The products they produced and sold have different qualities and configurations. In order to reduce the risk of customers buying LED screen advertising trucks, we provide following professional guidance when you want to purchase Led screen truck.


Choose suitable Led truck chassis of advertising vehicle for your country considering after sale service

There are too many truck brands to choose from in China, such as Foton, JAC, Dongfeng, Howo and so on. These trucks occupy a large domestic market and can provide high quality and convenient waiting services in most Chinese cities. However, African customers wants to buy Led screen trucks and use in their countries. Besides the quality of mobile Led truck, please choose a truck brand which have local service in Africa countries like Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa etc. You need good maintenance and after-sales service through local truck distributors when you use LED advertising vehicles in the future. For example,  Leventis (Nigeria) PLC, is Foton’s distributor in Nigeria. If you buy Foton LED advertising truck from led display truck factory in China, you will get much better after-sales service of Foton truck in Nigeria from Leventis.

Foton Truck Chassis in China VS Foton Mobile LED Display Advertising Truck From Siwun
There are first points bellowing to note when you purchase LED billboard truck:

1. Don't buy LED Advertising Truck from Foton or JAC company.

Foton and JAC do not produce LED advertising vehicles, and there are other manufacturers who fabricate digital LED advertising trucks. Foton and JAC only provide truck chassis for these manufacturers. If you want to buy Foton or JAC LED advertising car in China, you shall not go directly to chassis manufacturers.

2. Truck emission standards of China and Africa are different.

In China, the Euro V truck emission standards are implemented. In Africa, many of countries are still the Euro III truck emissions or even no standards. Foton truck has specific models for Africa market distributors, which are different from Chinese markets. Generally speaking, it takes about 40 to 60 days for Foton to produce a new Foton truck chassis and LED truck factory will use this chassis to build mobile LED display truck for the African market. In China you can buy Foton Euro V emission truck in stock at any time, but the Foton truck is far more expensive than African emmision standard Foton truck.

However, this is not absolute true. Dongfeng trucks have a lot of Euro III emission standard truck in the market. If you need an LED advertising truck urgently, considering a truck brand with Dongfeng chassis in stock and ask the LED screen truck manufacturer to buy this truck chassis.

3. Don't buy Japanese truck brand in China.

In Africa, Japanese trucks are more popular like Toyota, Hino, Isuzu, Nissan etc. In China, Japanese truck brands must cooperate with Chinese companies to build factories. This is the restrictions of Chinese government policy. Most of these joint venture brand trucks are manufactured and sold in China. For example, Isuzu trucks in China are all under the Euro V Emission Standard. They are not only expensive, but also difficult to find spare parts in other countries. . That's why it's hard to find HINO LED advertising truck, Nissan LED advertising truck in the Chinese market.

4. Take care of the RHD LED advertising truck and LHD LED truck.

Some countries are right hand drive trucks but some countries are left hand drive trucks. When you want to buy LED trucks, you should pay attention to the truck. If it is not available to get the right truck, you can just buy truck chassis at home and import the truck body with LED display and generator.

5. Buy Isuzu truck chassis in your country and build your own LED advertising truck.

Some people don't like Chinese trucks considering quality and after-sales problem. You can buy your own truck chassis locally, like Isuzu or Toyota , then import the truck body with LED screen from China. The truck body also has hydraulic system, generator, stage, speaker and other system. You can easily install the LED screen truck body on your local Isuzu truck chassis. In this way, you have your own customized Isuzu digital LED advertising truck, and do not have to pay higher truck tariffs.


Learn to choose the outdoor LED display on truck.
Truck LED display is a very big industry. If you are familiar with LED display business, it will help you to choose the good LED screen on truck. Outdoor LED screens involve different materials, models, and brands. Truck LED screens from different companies are not same.  The following points will guide you how to choose good LED screen for your mobile LED advertising truck.

Foton Truck Mobile LED Display are installed in Chinese factory

6. Buy P6 Truck LED Screen or P4 Truck LED Screen.

The fixed waterproof LED display for outdoor is used in the LED advertising truck. According to the classification of pixels, there are P10(10mm), P8(8mm), P6(6mm), P5(5mm) and P4(4mm) truck LED screen. P4 truck LED screen is the clearest screen pixel on the market so far. If you goes back to 2015, the LED screens of LED advertising vehicles are still dominated by P10 and P8. Even P6 truck LED screen has not yet been widely used, and the price is very expensive. By 2019, the digital LED advertising truck is mainly equipped with P6 LED screen.

Many LED truck manufacturers in China are also promoting P4 LED truck in the market. However, Even P4 truck screen looks good, but it is not stable. if you want to buy a stable and effective P4 truck screen, the cost is still very high. In fact, If your truck screen is more than 10 square meters, we still recommend using P6 truck screen. P6 truck LED screen technology is very stable and it's enough for outdoor LED advertising truck. If the truck screen is less than 7 square meters, we still recommend using the P6 truck LED screen if your budget is not enough.

7. Find an advertising truck manufacturer in China who understands truck LED display.
Unfortunately, many factories of LED advertising trucks are not so professional about the truck display screen. Even many factories are constantly replacing truck LED display suppliers, which has caused a series of quality instability and after-sales problems. Some factory salesmen do not know about the truck LED display screen. They also do not know the impact of different LED screen chips, packaging, receiving cards, sending cards, power supply, cabinet materials. There is no way to provide after-sales support, including software debugging and spare parts transportation. If you buy the products from this factory, you can not get professional customized product service. Moreover, the after-sales problems will make you a headache.

8. Purchase LED advertising vehicles shall make a balance between configuration and price.

In Chinese LED advertising truck market, it is difficult for you to compare the products from various manufacturers according to a unified standard. It's possible that you can buy a double-side LED advertising truck with one-side LED advertising trucks. Don't doubt that the products you buy are absolutely different. You need to determine which type of mobile LED advertising truck in your market will be more popular.

If you buy a bigger LED truck, the cost is high and you have to sell it at high price. As a result, the renting market will be relatively small. If the LED truck has low cost, it is easier for you to advertise for nay company. Double-side or triple-side LED advertising truck are better, but they are more expensive. If you pay a very low price to buy a three-side LED advertising truck, the quality may be very bad. It will surely affect your business and operation. Please don't choose the LED truck manufacturer in China with the lowest price. You shall understand your own needs, and then try to buy the good quality LED advertising truck.


Find professional manufacturer of LED advertising vehicles in China
When you are ready to select manufacturers of LED advertising vehicles from China and purchase them, you should have some knowledge of the basic situation of this industry in China. In fact, there are at least dozens of LED advertising truck factories in China. There are also many trading companies which are selling these products. How can you select the professional manufacturers of LED advertising truck? We have the following suggestions:

Mobile LED Advertising Truck Manufacturer factory in China

9. Never buy an LED advertising truck from LED display manufacturer in China.

The truck LED display is really an important part of the digital LED wall truck. However, LED display manufacturers in China do not have the qualifications to produce mobile LED truck. No LED display manufacturers have enough experience in the production of LED advertising vehicles. They just send their own truck LED display to the truck refitting plant. They have no control over the quality of the final LED advertising truck. That’s why you shall not buy mobile LED truck from the LED display manufacturer.

10. Find a factory that mainly produces LED advertising vehicles.

In fact, many factories look big enough to produce all kinds of special trucks such as LED advertising trucks, water sweepers, ambulances. For this kind of factory, the LED advertising truck is only a small part of their many products. Their technology on the LED advertising vehicle is not updating. Even many salesmen know little about this mobile LED advertising truck. A professional LED advertising vehicle factory not only has professional experience in the production, but also has a mature supply chain system such as LED display screen, generator, hydraulic system etc. At the same time, their business person have a profound understanding of the operation mode of LED advertising vehicles, and can provide more powerful resources to help you develop the local outdoor advertising market.

11 Discuss the price of LED advertising truck with the factory in a smart way.

If you hesitate among several LED truck suppliers, don't choose the factory based on price. You shall know that you are finding an business partner. Some Chinese LED truck factories give very low prices in order to get your orders. Under this situation, there is a bigger risk that you will probably buy an low quality LED advertising truck in China. You should cooperate with factories in a smarter way to get better prices.

For those LED advertising vehicle factories, they are seeking a long-term partner to expand the local market. If you decide to devote yourself to the development of LED advertising truck business locally, you can communicate your market plan and get more support from the factory. The factory will not intentionally reduce product quality by replacing the raw material. Therefore, we suggest to talk about the price of the product with the Chinese LED truck factory in a smart way. The first step is to make sure that the factory is very professional in the mobile LED advertising truck industry.


In short, with the rapid development of LED advertising vehicles in the African market, LED advertising vehicles will also play a major role in the field of outdoor advertising. When you buy LED advertising truck in China, you must follow the following points:
1. Choose the appropriate LED advertising truck chassis, and ensure that you can get the local convenient after-sales maintenance.
2. Choosing the suitable truck LED display. Keep the truck screen quality stable and use higher pixel truck LED display when the budget is sufficient.
3. Choose a professional manufacturer of LED advertising truck in China. Don't buy LED advertising truck directly from the factory of LED display. Look for a company that focuses on the production of LED advertising vehicle. For your long-term business, you shall find the right factory partner and get more supports to reduce costs and develop your advertising market.

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