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Siwun vehicle: A survey of Chinese roadshow truck market (Part One)

August 25, 2019    

In recent years, there's been an explosion of investment into all kinds of advertising channels, which leads to the Ineffective promotion effect for many advertising sponsors, and the rate of advertising memory and conversion is far below the expected level. The mainstream advertising channels of TV and paper media are costly and long, and the advertising time is limited by TV stations and print media. Online advertising is not obvious to attract the Internet users. Even many citizens are bored with unappealing digital ads. Many Billboards are expensive, lacking in popularity and mobility. In contrast, the offline roadshow has attracted more and more attention from enterprises. Targeted roadshow publicity is a sustained marketing in specific areas for specific purposes, with high level of activity, clear objectives and so on. The road show truck is becoming a representative channel of media communication in the field of OOH ads in recent years.

Roadshow truck in the Chinese brand promotion measures

At present, China's mainstream brand promotion channels include TV advertisements, outdoor media, bus advertisements, building media, print advertisements, network media, exhibition halls and so on. Generally it can be divided into three categories as below:

Traditional ATL (above- the-line) media. These advertising media channels include CCTV, local TV, radio, newspaper and magazine, Focus Media, press conference, Opening ceremony, air, bus, train and other media.

Digital Network media. These advertising media channels include portal website, BBS, blog, micro-blog, official website, video website, etc.

BTL (bellow- the-line) media. These advertising media channels include store display, terminal promotion, PR roadshow publicity, shopping mall roadshow, etc.

The roadshow truck, belonging to bellow-the-line media, takes the commercial vehicle as the carrier and drives to the target market cruise. The roadshow trucks carry out the activities of promotion, marketing and other events such as publicity, performance, product display, business negotiation and so on. Roadshow caravans consists of body advertising, material distribution, stage activities and other functions. They can go far into the countryside market, small towns and big cities to carry out promotional activities. The roadshow truck has advantages of convenient flow, fast installation, comprehensive video display, economic promotion and so on. It has become a kind of multi-functional advertising channel which is widely welcomed by the manufacturers, groups and big brands..

Development history of roadshow truck and its history in China

The roadshow truck, also known as road caravan, mobile stage truck, led advertising truck, refers to the truck with unfoldable stage through the mechanical device, and is equipped with stage lighting, billboard screen, sounds and power interface as well as generator. The roadshow vehicle was originally called a caravan, and this caravan originated from an important tool for living of ancient Gypsy peoples. Now the caravan has been given a new connotation and has became a synonym for marketing, promotion and communication in the new period. As a new advertising media, roadshow trucks are the first try of combining advertising and transportation tools.

The history of the road show truck is not long and the earliest roadshow truck appeared in the US in 1980s. By the year 90s, the American roadshow vehicle market was becoming more and more mature. Many enterprises began to use roadshow trucks as the main channel of offline advertising activities. Procter & Gamble held a advertising campaign and promotion project in India. At that time, Chinese domestic offline advertising activities were still very traditional and the market of roadshow trucks was still a piece of blank paper until the road car was formally introduced to China.

In June 1999,Chinese Guangxi automobile tourism caravan pioneered the first roadshow promotion. In 2000, more than 700 people took part in the train tour caravan. In 2002, it opened more than 800 people's touring caravans, which further enriched the contents and forms of the caravan, making the caravan activity escalating. The tourism, economy, trade, technology and culture caravans all over the country widely practice the advantages of caravans in publicity and promotion.

In 2005, NBA (China) plans to introduce a "NBA roadshow truck" offline activity into China. A heavy truck with NBA image ads, traveling in different cities, can unfold the body into a small basketball Carnival scene to attract the city's basketball teens to join the roadshow. After that, more and more big brands introduced roadshow truck promotion into different advertising projects and allows roadshow trucks being seen in most cities of China.

Market scale of roadshow truck advertising in China

Research has shown that people spend less time on television than computer or cellphone videos. The increase of audience's entertainment choice brings more chances of advertising exposure but not all the ads work well. Some commercials that are well tested in a city do not perform well in other regions. Many audience fail to understand the meaning of advertisements and the goods they sell. Different demographic structure has different effects on the transmission and reception of brand information. The new media should pay attention to the division of the audience. The traditional advertising coverage is only an image data. Advertisers are more concerned about the agreement between the arrival of the advertisement and the audience. It is possible to seize the opportunity to focus on the rate of arrival and subdivide the audience. With the growing market in China, road show truck, as a new representative of the independent media, is playing a great influence in OOH media. The market size has reached 5 billion yuan, and the average annual growth rate is over 25%.

Application of roadshow truck in China

The roadshow truck has a strong intuitionistic and novel form. It can display the customer's enterprise and product image in a flexible, interactive and diverse way. The Chinese mobile roadshow truck has become the highlight of the brand publicity activities, which can be carried out everywhere in the city, town, community, campus, market and so on. The target group can see the product and brand directly. The advantage of mobile roadshow truck is low price, good publicity effect and strong publicity range. At present, many domestic brands, in order to better brand themselves, are using roadshow advertising truck to carry out promoting and campaign.

Brand building and promotion: as a complete form of brand, it can be used as a stage for various activities, live platforms, cruise shows, etc.

1. Tour show: business publicity and information release parade, brand promotion, product experience and other public relations activities.

2. Product promotion and sales: as a product promotion tour and promotional activities background, exhibition platform, etc.

3. Establishment and maintenance of corporate image: carrying out various activities such as corporate image coverage, live broadcast platform and cruise show.

4. Live broadcast: live broadcast of sports events, concerts, concerts, car movies and other entertainment programs.

5. Education of popular science knowledge: public transport safety and fire prevention knowledge. Environmental knowledge and other popular science popularization.

6. Celebration ceremony: the background of various ceremonies such as business opening, ribbon cutting, foundation presentation, awarding ceremony and anniversary.

7. Press conference: government departments hold a press conference as stage or as a direct access platform.

Developing trend of roadshow truck in China

Now all kinds of road show activities, which include on-site product display, on-site promotion, and on-site advertising, have become a brand marketing form highly praised by 4A advertising companies. Many advertising agents start packaging the roadshow truck with promotion plan and activities and providing one-stop service for big brands and powerful companies. At the same time, it requires the roadshow company to set up a professional activity executive department to complete the planning and execution of major promoting events.

Roadshow truck activities can combine the SNS and other emerging media, using various hot topics in the society to constantly spread the brands and achieve comprehensive coverage of activities. In the past, customers use roadshows to promote their brands. In the future, customers hope that roadshows could also drive direct sales such as home appliances brands. After arriving in a city, the roadshow truck is responsible for the popularity and the local dealers will come to the scene for the sales and the product delivery.