Casarte launched new mobile exhibition truck campaign in 2019

Casarte mobile event exhibition trailer
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    On March 16, 2019, the “Villa Life” Casarte creative arts roadshow launched 12 mobile exhibition trucks in 12 cities simultaneously. To spread Casarte brand spirit, Casarte builds “mobile villa-style living hall” with Siwun exhibition vehicle as the carrier, and build more real home experience scenes to allow consumers across the country feel the charm of “villa-style life”.

    Since the launch of Creative Arts Roadshow five years before, Casarte has been insisting on consumer interaction, and building consumer high-value scenario consumption. Casarte contributes to constructing zero-distance product experience and real home scenes to link consumers’ emotions and enhance their stickiness. It will become a guidance for high-end clients to live at home in the future while creating a new consumption mode. In 2019, Casarte Creative Arts Roadshow upgrades from “City Experience Exhibition” to “Villa Life Brand Experience Exhibition”, and achieved breakthrough upgrades in stage scale, tour venues, campaign coverage and product matching.


    In 2019, 12 high-end household appliances mobile exhibition vehicles built by Siwun have bigger stage area and provide complete sets of Casarte high-end household appliances. A new Casarte TV was added to the mobile exhibition truck, which enriched the consumer’s audio-visual experience. It is the first time that the mobile roadshow vehicle has the automatic unfolding system and intelligent operation. This campaign will increase to 500 events than 400 events last year and travel 12 routes nationwide more than 10 routes last year. In the product circle, Casarte creative arts roadshow opened a new cross-border cooperation and high-end brands from all appliance industry may appear in the Casarte tour exhibition truck. In terms of product matching, Casarte will break the single-product-based exhibition mode in the industry. It will focus on high-end, intelligent household appliances solutions, and create high-end life solutions for consumers through the experience of mobile exhibition campaigns.


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