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3M roadshow training with Siwun outdoor Stage Truck

October 19, 2019    

3M (China) Co., Ltd. launched occupational safety and health roadshow activities with mobile roadshow stage truck. The theme of this exhibition and training is high-quality occupational safety and health education, training and interaction, and striving to create a safe, healthy and efficient working environment.

3M stage truck with LED Screen in China

This photo shows 3M training stage truck in China


An occupational health classroom is set up inside the mobile LED stage truck. There are several products from 3M were displayed. Safety experts directly display the whole series of labor protection equipment through video teaching and on-site demonstration, and introduce the whole system of safety protection products such as respiratory protection, hearing protection, fall protection, etc. to every work in detail. In addition, the expert also led all employees on site to experience representative products one by one.

3M Safety belt wearing on roadshow truck stage

This photo shows 3M safety belt wearing experience on roadshow truck stage


The 3M experts at the activity site interacted with company's employees at zero distance to answer the questions raised by them in real time, so as to improve the safety protection awareness and skills of the enterprise's employees and reduce the occupational health risks. The staff also carried out a number of intellectual and interesting activities, such as video learning from truck LED screen, answering questions and playing games. Under the help of mobile exhibition stage truck, everyone participated in various product experiences and learning a lot of technologies in the mobile showroom. 3M has hold a successful training event on this customized roadshow training stage truck in China.

3M protective equipment in stage truck

This photo shows 3M protective equipment in stage truck


VR safety training in 3M LED stage truck

This photo shows VR safety training in 3M LED stage truck


3M Falling prevention experience on stage truck

This photo shows 3M Falling prevention experience on stage truck

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