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Makeblock Customized Mobile Classroom Truck

August 25, 2019    

Makeblock is a leading STEAM education solution provider. Targeting the STEAM education and entertainment markets for schools, educational institutions and families, Makeblock provides the most complete hardware, software, content solutions, and a top-notch robotics competitions, with the aim of achieving deep integration of technology and education.

Makeblock mobile showroom truck

After year of 2016, Makeblock has ordered a customized mobile classroom truck from Siwun vehicle and launched a brand campaign to promote their robotics and invention. This mobile advertising truck has a 10 meters length medium duty truck and 24 sqm area of transparent glass showing room. Makeblock take their newest robotics and inventions to primary schools, middle schools and universities to teach the students high technology.

Makeblock mobile classroom truck

Their wheels have covered a lot of provinces in China in the last two years and were warmly welcomed by the students. They will keep this advertising campaign in the following years. Undoubtedly, Siwun customized roadshow truck has brought good fame to their events. This is how Siwun mobile advertising truck can help brands grow.