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S-50 mobile stage truck for King of Soup Show

August 25, 2019    

King of Soup Show is a famous TV cooking Gourmet show in Guangdong TV-S2. It devotes to spreading Chinese cooking soup skills and culture. Many players attend this show and compete with others. To better hold this TV show, the sponsor need a super stage truck to offer enough space for this show and of course, this mobile stage truck should easily fold and drive to different cities.

King of Soup Show mobile stage truck

Siwun has offered a 50 sqm mobile stage to King of Soup Show. This truck seems ordinary before the stage is unfolded. But when the driver completed setting of the huge area stage like the photo shows, this stage truck looks like a King Kong Truck and makes all audience impressive . With hydraulic system, this S-50 stage truck can be easily set in 20 mins. This is how Siwun satisfy our clients with advanced designs and technologies of mobile advertising stage truck.