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Eastoc Beverage D-12S LED stage truck

August 25, 2019    

Eastroc is a fast developing local beverage brand in China. Its core consumers are young men in southern cities of China. In year 2017, Eastroc has invested a customized mobile led stage truck for brand promotion together with their online advertising and promotion.

Siwun vehicle made this D-12S mobile led stage truck for Eastoc Beverage. With DFAC truck Chassis, this roadshow truck has outdoor led screens, hydraulic stage, expand showing room and customized decorations. All functions can support Eastroc to do promotion videos, dancing and other experiential marketing activities.

After receiving this led stage truck, Eastoc Beverage marketing team has driven to big cities during the Spring Festival and held roadshow events to spread their brand personality. They also invited famous young singers to attend their marketing programs and successfully completed the brand promotion towards the target audience. This is how Siwun D-12S mobile led stage truck can promote with big brands.