D-6 Pro Mobile Digital Billboard Truck

— 3 sides truck LED display

Siwun D-6 pro mobile digital LED billboard truck is the best model to maximum your mobile advertising on street. With 3 sides LED displays,  D-6 pro truck can attract a lot of people see the ads on screen. You just need one driver to carry the digital billboard truck to each corner of the city. Then your advertising will go there.

Features of D-6 Pro Mobile Digital Billboard Truck

Siwun D-6 pro truck is a hot solution for mobile outdoor advertising. It is specially suitable for communication media company who wants to start creative outdoor branding business. The business model is quite simple for you: One driver, One truck. You just need to upload your clients’ video  on truck LED display. Then the digital ads on truck LED billboard will spread among outdoor audience.

High Media Reach Rate

D-6 pro truck has high reach rate in OOH media. The truck carrying video ads can go to busy city roads, malls, squares with crowd and reach them with brand message.

Boost Your Brand Awareness

D-6 pro truck is unlike any regular truck shape you have seen. The truck is attractive so people are willing to see your brand ads on truck digital billboard.

Hot Model in Global Area

D-6 pro truck is fast developing OOH media in China and United States for brand promoting. It opens a door for many small business clients who want to start outdoor advertising.

D-6 Pro Truck Specification


Dimension 5995mm×2100mm×3150mm
Gross Weight 4950 KG
Left/Right LED screen 3840mm×1920mm×2 sides
Pixel Pitch 4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm
Rear LED screen 1280mm×1440
Screen Lifting 1800mm
Generator 16KW
Speakers 200W×2 sides

Truck Operating Video

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Technology Advantage of D-6 Pro Digital Billboard Truck

When we install digital LED billboard on truck, the quality of screen and hydraulic parts is main factor to keep D-6 pro truck operating well.  All designs should be durable, shock-resistant and waterproof.

Reasons to Choose D-6 Pro Mobile Digital Billboard Truck

Larger truck LED billboard means people are more likely to see the advertising videos. D-6 pro digital billboard truck has three sides for outdoor LED displays to advertise. Siwun build this truck model to offer an easy operating business model with less investment. If you are finding a new OOH solution for your clients, D-6 pro truck will help you win the promoting project from local brands.

Truck chassis for D-6 pro truck

Wide light duty truck models available for D-6 pro truck chassis

Siwun D-6 pro truck has a standard chassis of 3360mm wheelbase and 4.2m deck length. You can use Isuzu, Foton, Howo, Dongfeng etc for truck chassis. Or you can buy similar truck chassis in your country.

D-6 pro digital billboard truck box

Beautiful curve of truck box with durable structure

A good looking truck box will help you attract more audience. It helps your mobile digital billboard truck get high end brand advertising projects. D-6 pro truck has a durable and well painted truck body in this industry with good appearance.

Siwun LED advertising truck

High brightness truck LED billboard working under sunshine

Mobile digital LED billboard can work at day and night. Siwun use high brightness LED display with 1920Hz refreshing rate to make your screen better visual advertising display. It is the core part of D-6 pro truck to advertise brand better.

Silent diesel generator for D-6 pro mobile digital billboard truck

Unique silent diesel generator for powering your LED screen

Siwun generator supplier customized this 16KW generator for better noise control working environment. It has downward exhaust and downward intake design with smaller noise for your event. This generator has longer life and work steadily.

Media control of D-6 pro mobile digital billboard truck

Smart and convenient truck LED billboard media control system

You can use video processor or LED screen media box to control the video or image on truck digital billboard. 4G remote control or cellphone uploading is also available. All these media equipment are integrated into standing control cabinet platform.

Application Gallery of D-6 Pro Truck

Explore our D-6 pro mobile digital billboard truck already manufactured and operating in outdoor events.

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