Pros and Cons of digital LED billboard truck

Pros and cons of mobile digital LED billboard truck
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    Many clients need to think twice before they decide to buy the mobile LED digital billboard truck. It’s correct that each media has advantages and limitations. You have to balance both sides before invest money on this project.

    In this article, we will discuss both pros and cons of mobile digital LED truck according to our experience. We also give you solutions to reduce cons of the LED truck when you begin operating.

    Pro 1: New Creative Outdoor Advertising Media

    Traditional outdoor advertising media are mostly static publicity. They have no sound, video and can be easily ignored in this modern society. Mobile LED billboard truck is different. With LED display mounted on truck, it has both colorful images and sound.

    Research has found that people are more likely to remember media with animation and sound. LED display truck emerged for the advertising market to bring new opportunities. With high mobility, this new outdoor media can provide dynamic video with unique publicity advantages and effects.

    You may have never seen this truck before. A truck with hydraulic screen which has best visual position to spread your brand. It is smart, digital, and impressive.

    The unique and exquisite shape design of mobile digital billboard truck has become a scenic media highlight in the city and the region. It can effectively attract eyes from the public. In both big and small cities, the majority of businesses and enterprises can benefit from this outstanding publicity effect.

    Mobile LED billboard truck promoting business in Kenya

    Pro 2: Wide Marketing Applications of Digital Billboard Truck

    A small mobile LED truck can help you work with different brands and applications. According to our research, many clients have used LED billboard truck for product promotions, sport live broadcast, banks, festival events, musical and concerts, NGO education publicity, political campaigns, weddings & funerals, and personal publicity demands.

    These applications are wide range in the brand advertising. In every country, there are plenty of companies you can find. For examples, you can find mobile telecommunication companies, food and beverage brands, furniture suppliers, sport organization, new open supermarkets and so on. If you have boost your mobile LED truck in your city, there will be much more people who will be interested in this attractive outdoor promoting media.

    Mobile Digital LED billboard truck application in the world

    Mobile digital LED billboard truck application in the world

    Pro 3: Flexible Ads Release of LED Adverting on trucks

    Traditional activities use the LED display as background. You have to spend much time on assembling and transporting. Movable LED billboard trucks are not restricted and limited by geographic location.

    That means you can drive it in any target market areas such as streets, alleys, communities, trade areas, shopping mall square etc.

    What’s more, in many countries, you do not need get approval procedures to publish advertising videos. This allows you to shuttle between the city streets and busy downtown of highly concentrated area.

    Television, newspapers and other traditional media advertising have certain time limitations, while needing a lot of time for layout and editing.

    The digital billboard truck can broadcast at anywhere, anytime, without time constraints. You just upload an advertising video via cellphone or laptop, then the advertising begins.

    Digital LED billboard truck advertising in United States

    Pro 4: Low Operating Cost of Mobile LED Truck

    When we count the operating cost, you should have bought an LED advertising truck and registered license plate. Then the cost of operating an LED advertising truck mainly comes from the diesel consumption of the truck and generator, and the driver salary.

    Compared with traditional outdoor advertising, the cost advantage of LED advertising trucks is very competitive. For example, if you are operating a bus stop pillar advertising in the city, you have to spend a lot on replacing advertising post. It costs a huge amount of labor time and material cost.

    LED billboard advertising trucks, on the other hand, require only one person to operate. You can easily replace multiple advertising videos simply through a computer. This digital truck advertising is both environmentally friendly and convenient.

    For most advertisers, the cost of one driver and fuel consumption costs are acceptable. It will not constitute a large financial operating pressure. Therefore, as a new type of outdoor advertising media, the low operating cost of LED advertising truck is an important decision factor for buyers.

    Fuel cost of mobile LED billboard truck

    You need to pay Fuel cost of mobile LED billboard truck

    Pro 5: Low Investment Risk of LED Billboard Truck

    You are worried about the risk of investment. The investment amount is so big, and what if the LED truck is bought result in failure? You are right to care about this. Investment risks need to be treated with caution in the business.

    The good news is that mobile LED billboard truck has a high retention rate. You know that main components of LED advertising truck are the truck chassis, truck mounted LED display, on board generator, speakers, computers, amplifiers and hydraulic system.

    Typically, LED truck chassis can last up to 15 years or 500,000 kilometers. A well-maintained truck can last even longer. The LED display truck does not have heavy loading and carrying demand. Thus, this kind of advertising truck works longer than other trucks such as dump truck, cargo truck.

    Moreover, mobile digital LED advertising truck does not need to drive long distances with high speeds. The condition of the LED advertising vehicle chassis is far better than other used trucks. It will help to retain higher value.

    In the same case, the on board generator of LED advertising truck, and computer audio equipment can also have a high retention rate. The truck LED display has a normal quality life of 3 to 5 years. If you choose a high quality truck LED display, the life span can be up to 5 to 8 years. It also helps LED advertising truck keep a high retention rate.

    Above all, the first year of the LED advertising truck depreciation rate is about 25% , the second year is 20%, the third year 15%. 5 years of the LED billboard truck market value is 50% of the original price. You only need to take little risk to invest.

    Double side digital LED display truck in Kenya

    Many brands are using LED billboard truck for promoting

    Pro 6: Stable Technology of LED Video Truck

    It has been nearly 15 years of history since the birth of China’s first LED digital LED billboard truck. Compared with traditional outdoor advertising media, LED advertising truck is still young. However, mobile LED billboard truck has become an essential outdoor promotion equipment in these 15 years.

    Now in the Chinese advertising market, there are hundreds of LED advertising truck put into the market every year, and there are also a large number of export LED billboard truck orders to global countries.

    The technology of digital LED advertising truck has been very stable during the development. Both the truck chassis and the truck mounted LED display, on board generator and hydraulic technology have been able to work well together.

    However, this does not mean that any LED advertising truck you buy from China is quality assured. The reason is simple. As the competition in the market has increased, many LED advertising truck manufacturers are using low cost materials to attract customers with lower prices. This is a fast way for them to capture more markets.

    If you want to buy high quality LED billboard truck from China, pay attention to the difference in processes and materials from different factories. It concerns the quality of the mobile LED digital billboard truck you buy.

    Siwun D-6S mobile LED stage truck for MTN in factory

    Pro 7: Proven Business Model of Digital Advertising Truck

    While LED advertising trucks are continuously introduced to the market, our LED billboard truck customers have been constantly exploring new business model and operating skills. Now many operation skills have been proven to be effective and adopted by many LED advertising truck operators.

    For example, you can charge rental pricing according to the length of the advertising video like 10s, 20s, 30s. You can also charge based on the contracted time of daily, monthly, quarterly or even the whole year.

    Beside the LED screen truck rental pricing, many business owners carry out some larger-scale promoting campaigns through long-term cooperation with local brands like automobile companies. They also cooperate with event activity companies, and work with government and NGO organizations.

    After the revenue is rolling, they reinvest money to buy new LED advertising vehicle products that meet the market demand. They can further occupy the market and expand the scale to beat their competitors.

    These models have been successful in many countries and cities, and are also important references for you to expand your customers and build LED advertising truck operation model. These skills will also contribute to reducing your operation risk.

    Mobile LED billboard truck application in United States

    Pro 8: Adequate Ads Position of Truck LED Display

    Many outdoor advertising resources are often limited such as outdoor billboards, bus ads, subway ads, newspaper ads and so on. If the advertising position is already booked by others, you need to get it at a higher cost.

    Likewise, if you want to expand your advertising position resources, you will have to invest a lot of money to run the advertising program.

    But LED advertising trucks can theoretically have unlimited advertising positions for customers. Of course, to ensure the advertising effect, we suggest you to control the amount of advertising videos on truck screen between 10 and 20 sets for each LED advertising truck.

    Even so, all the video ads only need one truck LED screen. Compared with traditional outdoor advertising media, LED advertising truck can help you save a lot of money in purchasing advertising resources.

    At the same time, you can also maximize the application of this outdoor truck advertising resource to get more potential customers and get the maximum benefits with the minimum cost.

    Cons 1: Complicated Import Procedures of LED Screen Truck

    The procedures and time for buying mobile LED billboard trucks are long. Generally, the factory needs one or two months to produce a brand new LED advertising truck.

    If there is already a truck chassis, the time will be shortened to one month. Together with the shipping freight, it takes about three months from the time the customer pays for the LED advertising truck to the time he finally receives it.

    If you are not familiar with how to import LED advertising trucks, you need to find a local import agent or custom clearance agent. They can help you complete the transportation and import of LED billboard truck.

    LED truck manufacturers also have a cooperative ship agent to help you order the ship and finish the transportation. You need to pay attention to the progress of the whole process.

    When you finally make the LED screen truck to complete customs clearance, you shall pay customs duties and other fees. Then you can successfully get a license plate in the local city.

    This is a long journey. Only if you have patience, the digital LED display truck will arrive at your site successfully.

    Siwun LED billboard truck shipping to United States

    Siwun LED billboard truck box shipping to United States

    Cons 2: Low Barriers to Entry of Digital Truck Advertising

    The low barrier to enter into LED advertising truck rental business may sound like an advantage. However, it is a threat to those who have already purchased LED billboard trucks. Many people without extensive advertising experience can also buy it and start their LED screen truck rental business.

    So you may face many potential competitor threats when the marketing is so hot. If you don’t have more loyal customers in hand, you may lose the market share and more business will be occupied by other LED advertising truck operating companies.

    For every LED billboard advertising truck buyer, they must start the project early, operate the rental business well and grow LED advertising truck fleet. At the same time, it is also necessary to provide higher quality and more detailed services.

    Your mission is that customers believe you are the best LED advertising truck rental partner in this market. In this way, you are able to defeat potential competitors.

    Many cheap LED billboard trucks in China

    There are many cheap LED billboard trucks in China

    Cons 3: Challenge to Build New Business Plan for LED Truck Advertising

    Whether you have been in the advertising industry for years or not, we highly recommend that you shall make a complete business plan for digital LED outdoor advertising truck. Many people buy LED billboard trucks because these trucks are very innovative and attractive.

    However, that is not enough. As a brand new outdoor advertising media operator, you need to make a professional business plan or marketing plan for this advertising truck.

    Here are some tips to make the plan. For example- 

    How to explore customer resources with your LED truck?

    When to build a website for your mobile LED billboard?

    How much money should invest to operate the mobile LED advertising truck?

    How to grow your LED billboard truck brand in a short period of time?

    There are many other questions should be solved in the plan.

    Unfortunately, many of our customers are not good at doing this kind of business plan. They are only familiar with what business they have already done.

    These buyers pay too much attention to these advantages of the LED advertising truck. Their weakness is how to make a professional marketing plan to operate these digital LED advertising truck. It will result in unsatisfactory growth rate of their LED advertising truck rental business.

    What can we help to build your business plan of mobile LED truck?

    As a leading mobile digital LED billboard truck manufacturer, we sincerely hope our customers can use mobile LED billboard truck to grow more revenue. We would like to give you necessary supports in operating LED advertising truck rental business. For example,

    We believe that these assistance will be much helpful to grow your business at the beginning stage of your operating of mobile LED billboard truck.

    If you are interested in the above tips to improve your brand awareness and develop more customers, welcome to contact us.

    Cons 4: Change of Political Factors on LED Digital Billboard Truck

    In many countries, vehicle management work is a strict matter because it concerns road safety. Mobile LED digital billboard is a new type of special vehicles. Many countries’ road management departments are not familiar with this vehicle.

    Obviously it may bring some uncertain policy risks to the application of your LED advertising truck. For example, Singapore’s road management department does not allow LED advertising truck to broadcast and play video advertisements while the truck is driving on road. They believe that a moving truck LED display will attract the eyes of other car drivers and may cause traffic accidents.

    As a result, your LED advertising truck business may be affected in some countries and cities. Sometimes you have to park at the event place for advertising instead of driving on road. This limitation will bring you some business losses.

    What’s more, in China and some Middle Eastern countries, outdoor vehicle-mounted advertisements require approval and permission from the local government before they can be published.

    Even if you have got permission to operate, you may still have some troubles from different government departments during the operation. It can also bring negative impact to your LED advertising truck rental business.

    There are also some good news. As more and more mobile LED billboards are put into the market, relevant laws and regulations for this vehicle will be improved. It will not only promote the standardization of LED advertising truck operation, but also remind LED billboard truck buyers to pay attention to the policy changes in this area.

    As the end user of this advertising vehicle, you should communicate with the vehicle manufacturer to avoid this risk early. Through better customized production and designs, you can make sure this advertising truck can be legal to operate in your country and market.

    Siwun mobile LED billboard truck get registered in Congo

    Siwun D-6S mobile LED billboard truck get registered in Congo

    Cons 5: Light Pollution and Noise Pollution of LED Screen Truck

    The environment brightness changes greatly at day and night. If the brightness of truck led display is larger than 60% of the ambient brightness, we obviously feel eye discomfort. That is the so-called LED screen light pollution to people.

    It is actually very dangerous for car trucks to see high brightness of truck LED screen while driving at night. Their eyes will be disturbed by the strong light and constantly video changing in the screen.It is hardly to observe the real-time road conditions even for experienced drivers.

    Moreover, mobile digital LED advertising truck can be seen everywhere in the streets and square.
    The more people there are, the slower the mobile digital LED truck drives. It is very likely to cause traffic congestion.

    In order to achieve a good publicity effect, many LED truck drivers disregard the residents’ rest time, or turn up the speakers on LED truck. It will also cause noise pollution to the residents.

    What can we do to reduce the light pollution and noise pollution from LED billboard truck?

    Reports of LED truck light pollution

    Newspaper reports that LED truck causes light pollution at night

    Cons 6: Electronic Equipment Maintenance of LED Advertising Truck

    Many customers are not experts in LED display. Perhaps they are very skillful and familiar with maintenance of trucks and generators, but have not much knowledge of LED display electronic equipment.

    During the usage of digital LED billboard trucks, it will inevitably have some screen or other electronic failures. Sometimes the problem even affect the normal work of the entire truck LED screen. If you are not able to solve it timely , you may break the reputation of the LED billboard truck rental business.

    In some countries of Africa, the road conditions are also relatively poor. Road bumps will also cause the truck LED display not work properly. There will be a few screen black or the whole truck screen does not play videos.

    Here are other concerns. If you want to improve the service life of the truck LED display, you must learn some basic truck LED display maintenance skills. The best way is to get trained in the LED billboard truck manufacturers’ factory. You can also get help from the LED display technicians to learn some skills.

    There is another important point. While you purchase mobile digital LED display truck, you shall ask the manufacturer to give you enough easily damaged parts. You also need to choose a professional LED display truck manufacturer, so as to help you solve the truck LED display failure as well as other failures in a timely manner.

    Cons 7: Truck Mounted LED Billboards Damage Trouble

    The most fragile place on the LED billboard truck is the truck LED display. Whether in the shipping transportation process or in your daily use, you should take care of the truck LED screen. Once the LED display mounted on truck is bumped or scratched, then it will bring you very big trouble.

    Most of the mobile digital LED billboard truck screens are installed on both sides of the truck body,or even at rear side of truck body. There is no extra protection for these truck screens. LED display is easily damaged in the accident and the repairing is also very difficult and expensive.

    Especially for foreign LED billboard truck buyers, they are very far away from the LED advertising truck manufacturers and factory. It is almost impossible to drive the truck back to the factory for repairing.

    Therefore, the digital LED truck collision damage is very serious. You must pay attention to the surrounding environment when using and parking LED advertising trucks. At the traffic flow or narrow road areas, be careful to prevent the truck LED display from scratching.

    Truck LED Screen damages in accident

    Mobile Truck LED Screen damages in the accident


    In short, every outdoor advertising media has its own pros and cons. For mobile digital LED billboard truck buyers, you can clearly learn advantages of this new creative outdoor media. By following our guidance, you can also avoid some potential problems in your business operation.

    We hope you can put more attentions on benefits and opportunities that our LED truck can bring.  After all, many clients have already grown their business with this new media. In most of global outdoor advertising market, mobile digital LED billboard truck is still a new and attractive media which has big potential opportunity.

    What do you think about the pros and cons of mobile LED digital billboard truck?  Kindly write your comments or question in the following comment area.


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