T-40D Mobile Exhibition Trailer

— Movable showroom for big brands

Hot exhibition trailer model for big brand new product launch and exhibition campaigns in the country! Big showroom inside the trailer with customized being elaborately decorated branding interior. Your best exhibition trailer with high end brand displaying!

Features of T-40D Mobile Exhibition Trailer

Siwun T-40D double deck exhibition trailer represents the most advanced mechanical technologies. It is the high end models of Siwun roadshow trucks and has been warmly accepted by big companies since launched. With extending large rooms and beautiful decoration, this stage container is your best choice for mobile shop campaign, product promoting and event marketing to build impressive brand loyalty.

Mobile Showroom On Road

Popular model to execute high end roadshow promotion of new arrivals. Furniture, air-cons, garret stair, balcony, and other customized grand decoration keep visitors comfortable inside.

Large Display Space

Almost 100 square meters showroom area enable you arrange different kinds of product displays, decorations, and sales business reception.

Set-up In Short Time

Most advanced model in all series with Germany patent. It combines complicated multiple extensions and hydraulic lifting systems but easy to control.

T-40D Trailer Specification


Dimension 13000mm×2550mm×3995mm
Gross Weight 27000 KG
Outdoor LED screen 5376mm×2304mm
Pixel Pitch 4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm
Screen Lifting 2000mm
Stage Size 8290mm×3100mm
Show Room(First Floor) 8440mm×3765mm
Meeting Room(Second Floor) 9800mm×2400mm
Balcony Room 8540mm×1845mm

Trailer Operating Video

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Technology Advantage of T-40D Exhibition Trailer

— That's how we care about quality

Siwun has the richest experience to manufacture double deck exhibition semi trailers for promoting. With our own patent and technologies, T-40D trailer has been used for many big brand renting service and campaigns in big cities of China.

Reasons to Choose T-40D Mobile Exhibition Trailer

T-40D exhibition trailer is a hot model for promoting campaigns in Europe and China. Siwun is the leading exhibition trailer manufacturer in China who own the technology to build this qualified mobile display trailers. By providing high end T-40D models for big brand, Siwun has improved product details to push this product to global market.

Semi Trailer Chassis

Semi trailer chassis that fit different country standards

Siwun works with Fuwa and CIMC container trailer brands to offer qualified chassis. With their branches in Asia, Europe and North America, we can build T-40D trailer for different countries.

Foldable floor at down deck of T-40D trailer

Hydraulic flat foldable floor design inside showroom

The hydraulic foldable floor is flat when the showroom box extends out. Then the first deck floor is good for audience to walk and bigger space to display products.

Balcony with stainless handrails

Balcony space for drinking and relaxing outside

T-40D exhibition trailer has a large balcony area for audience to drink coffee or relax on sofa and chairs. It has expanded the space to stay and enjoy fresh air outside.

T-40D Semi Trailer Wrap

Customized trailer wrap for improving brand awareness

T-40D semi trailer has large body area for branding wraps. You can paste it at the trailer surface and showroom walls. With customized branding, your exhibition trailer will look like more high end.

Top Deck Showroom Decoration of T-40D trailer

Stable hydraulic lifting deck with large showroom

Siwun has worked long term with hydraulic system supplier to ensure the safety of hydraulic container room. With customized decoration, the top deck container is safe space for displaying or resting.

3 Trailer Versions Available for Sale

Double side extension exhibition trailer

Double Extension Boxes Trailer

13m exhibition semi trailer with two sides hydraulic extension box, upper deck showroom and balcony.

T-40D Stage and extension exhibition trailer

Extension Box and Stage Trailer

13m exhibition semi trailer with one side hydraulic extension box, one stage , upper deck showroom and balcony.

Four extension exhibition trailer

Four Extension Boxes Trailer

13m exhibition semi trailer with two sides hydraulic extension box at first deck, and two sides extension boxes at upper deck.

Application Gallery of T-40D Trailer

Explore our T-40D mobile exhibition trailer already manufactured and operating in outdoor events.

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