Siwun Factory

Siwun mobile advertising truck factory

Leading Advertising Truck Factory in China

Focused on manufacturing mobile advertising trucks, Siwun company is headquartered in Guangzhou City and covers an area of 53,300 sqm with 589 employees.

In Siwun factory, new advertising trucks are invented and orders from global countries are manufactured. To build a better quality truck for you, Siwun has built a strong R&D department and has the most strict qualified manufacturing process in China.


Reliable Technology & Quality in Siwun Factory

Siwun trucks are manufactured from superior materials using modern technology and equipment. To ensure a long operating life and incomparable quality, the raw material of our truck is the best grade of steel and aluminum available.

All the vehicle chassis are selected based on the requirement of our clients, such as ISUZU, JAC, HOWO, FOTON, Dongfeng. We also customize truck for customers who already have had truck chassis.


Siwun Manufacturing Process in Factory

Siwun engineers discuss advertising truck design

01. Design Your Truck

Siwun team collects your advertising truck requirements and design your truck with our advanced technology to make it work.

Siwun new truck chassis

02. Select Truck Chassis

Select best Chinese truck solution for you to use high quality chassis with convenient service and maintenance  in your country.

Advertising truck structure parts welding

03. Truck Parts Welding

Siwun will weld the main structure of the stage truck & advertising truck body to make your truck solid and durable.

Siwun builds adverting truck body

04. Truck Body Installation

Siwun will install the welded advertising body onto your advertising truck chassis to make them match as a full unit.

install LED speaker stage on truck body

05. Install LED, Stage, Speaker

We help you install LED screen, speakers, stage, generator etc in the advertising truck and finish the decoration inside the room.

install LED stage and finish decoration

06. Final Truck Testing

Siwun tests full functions of your mobile advertising truck in factory before we deliver it to make sure your truck work well.

Clients Visited Siwun Guangzhou Factory

Siwun has been a fast developing global mobile advertising truck manufacturer. With a growing demand at local advertising media industry, many clients from countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, United States, UK, Australia, Ghana, Rwanda, Guinea, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc have visited our factory in Guangzhou and talked about their mobile advertising truck business and inspected their customized trucks.

Ghana client in Siwun factory
Siwun client from Nigeria
Ghana client in Siwun factory
Congo client in Siwun factory
UK client in Siwun factory
clients from Nigeria are visiting Siwun
Guinea client visited Siwun factory in Guangzhou
Kenya clients are visiting Siwun exhibition trailer

Siwun Factory and Product Certifications

Siwun factory & product certification

Siwun’s innovation has won for wide praise and national awards. We have held more than 50 national patents and 6 software copyrights.

These technology advantages have contributed to build high quality advertising trucks for our clients and make Siwun more competitive in advertising vehicle industry in China.

#1 World Manufacturer Identifier

World Manufacturer Identifier is a code used to uniquely identify manufacturers of vehicle in the global automotive industry. It claims the name, address and vehicle type of the vehicle manufacturer.

#2 China High-Tech Enterprise

China high technology enterprise is a certification which shows the manufacturer has invented in research and development of technical products. To get this certification, the company should have large percentage of engineers and their technical products should contribute to the most of revenue.

#3 Germany Invent Patent

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) is the center of expertise in the field of industrial property protection in Germany. T-40D mobile container roadshow truck has won invent patent from Germany.

#4 China Invent Patent

China invent patent is the certification of Chinese companies unique technology. This patent is rewarded to protect the owner’s invention from copying and manufacturing by other companies in China.

#5 ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems is a document of approximately 30 pages which is available from the national standards organization in each country. It is one of the most widely used management tools in the world today.

#6 Creative Advertise Awards

This awards is rewarded by China Advertising Association for innovation of new creative advertising material and equipment from companies. It shows the new advertising equipment has deep influence in Chinese advertising industry.

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