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Generally we need 30 days to build the digital led trucks and mobile stage trucks and 60 days to build the roadshow stage trucks and semi trailers. We will use 20ft/40ft Flat rack container or Open top container to ship the small size vehicle. We use Ro-Ro to deliver the 40ft advertising semi trailers.

Siwun Vehicle is more than an advertising truck manufacturer but a solution provider. We can customize advertising vehicles and offer multiple solutions covering different costs. To make a perfect advertising vehicle, we have worked with our generator supplier, outdoor led screen supplier, control system supplier and hydraulic system supplier for years and succeed completing  a lot of customized projects. We have built a professional team to serve our clients.

Mobile campaign trucks and container stage trucks can be applied in brand promotion, sales promotion, road-show campaign, president election, sport events, TV live broadcast, popular concerts, festivals, exhibitions and political campaigns etc. You can ask for more photos of cases by sending emails to us.

We have models of 3 sides digital mobile led truck. Compared with 1 side mobile led truck, 3 sides led truck need higher generator output power, more speakers and larger GVW(gross vehicle weight). The cost of 3 sides led truck is more than 1 side led truck.

In normal case, the dimension of LED screen for light-duty truck is 3456 mm(Width) and 1728 mm (height). For medium-duty truck, it is 4800 mm(width) and 2560 mm (height).  You can click here to download our catalog of mobile campaign trucks to find the size of screens on different models.

Generally the custom duty and tax is very high in many countries. We will help you to reduce the cost of import with couple of ways. Please contact us for solutions by sending email to info@siwuntruck.com to figure out the details.

First, make sure that this kind of truck is allowed to drive on roads in your country. Second, finish the import application process in your country with the help of your import agent company. Third, make the payment to our factory in China. Fourth, deliver the mobile led truck by sea. Fifth, finish the custom clearance and receive the advertising truck you have purchased.

We can make a customized LED van for your truck chassis. The LED van consists of steel body, LED screens, hydraulic system, generator, speakers and other items customized. In order to make a perfectly suitable van, you need offer the tech drawings of the truck chassis. You can download the sample of truck drawings click here.

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