Food and Beverage Advertising Truck Solution

Food & Beverage advertising truck can work in outdoor promoting

Marketing innovation is the most important and prominent issue in food & beverage competition. You have to find innovative marketing model of your own characteristics. To be different is very important for standing out.

Mobile advertising truck can help you segment the market, spread out your brand and reach close to your market and consumers. That is why advertising truck has become so hot in outdoor promoting.

Spread out you brand

Food and beverage truck companies need new outdoor advertising media to promote their brand. This media must be more efficient to make their products spread well in the market.

Attract more consumers

Among all advertising media, mobile advertising truck is one of the best channel to make your brand communicate with your consumers face to face. That's why it works.

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Wine brand mobile exhibition truck

Siwun beverage exhibition trailer for wine brand

How to hold experiential marketing event for food and beverage brand?

—Hot Models—

Nutrilite mobile advertising truck

Nutrilite mobile exhibition truck

Great supplement for traditional beverage ads

Food and beverage enterprises are always the earliest pioneer in using new advertising media. They hope that new creative media and traditional media will combine together to help them get rid of fierce competition in the marketing. Large enterprises in the FMCG industry are no longer satisfied with the publicity effect brought by print poster, TV ads, digital advertising and so on.

The advertising truck for food and beverage provides a new platform and breakthrough point for FMCG industry. It can help enterprises to be different in advertising communication and marketing activities. It has been proved a popular and regular outdoor media to display product and take the brand to higher value.

Food and beverage companies have developed a certain understanding of these functions of mobile digital LED trucks and exhibition trucks. Mobile food and beverage truck can complement TV commercials and traditional outdoor media. Brands are gradually increasing their investment in offline promotion especially on mobile advertising trucks to ensure consumers can experience their products and gain impression.

Digital LED truck for beverage ads

Many food & beverage companies are hiring mobile digital LED truck from advertising agencies. Some brands event purchased many LED trucks to build their outdoor bellow-the-line advertising truck fleet.

With adorable rental cost or less investment on purchasing LED screen truck, food and beverage brands have found a more attractive and efficient way to promote their products. At the same time, many event companies and communication companies also benefit from food and beverage brand advertising with LED screen truck.

Why food & beverage brands use mobile advertising truck?

According to Statista, revenue in the Food & Beverages segment is projected to reach US$276,904m in 2021. And the revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 8.2%.

While many food & beverage brands are spending ads money on all kinds of media channels, they also want to improve the precision marketing and experiential marketing. No companies want to waste their advertisement budget. They have to find new advertising media to solve this problem.

Mobile digital LED stage truck and promoting truck can perform well in the precision marketing and experiential marketing campaigns for food and beverage companies.

With mobile LED screen, stage, product showroom, promoting truck can reach your target potential consumers bellow-the-line. This ads can create more impression than mobile digital videos. And this mobile advertising truck can bring food and beverage for consumers to taste.

Even though mobile advertising truck cannot reach a lot of people in short time, it has performed well by taking the brand into consumers’ mind. The brand awareness will last longer than a digital advertisement. 

When more and more advertisement have been proven inefficient, these food & beverage companies have turned new outdoor advertising truck to develop the market face to face.

Eastroc experiential beverage truck in China

Jack Daniel's mobile digital billboard truck in US

Build Customized Food & Beverage Advertising Truck

Are you finding creative advertising truck to promote your food or beverage brand? We have different sizes and designs for your truck advertising. The best mobile digital LED advertising truck can attract more consumers and loyal fans for your food and beverage brand.

In Siwun factory, you can choose big exhibition semi trailer for nationwide beverage product launch campaigns. You can also use small and cost saving LED stage truck to promote the brand daily and attract more consumers. Siwun customized advertising trucks will grow your market share and make your band more famous.