Gospel Stage Truck Solution

Reach the unreached with Gospel Truck

We are in the new era of spreading Christ spirit. You can see Christ ebook, movies, music etc spreading among believers. However, the underline preaching is still an uncompetitive way to reach and save the unreached. We shall never ignore the power of fact to face in preaching, especially in the developing countries in Africa.

At the same time, the technology is also developing fast in this new era. We can use modern technology to maximize the underline preaching. Gospel stage truck is a good solution to help Churches and pastors to stand in front of the unreached.

Preaching from Church

There are many churches in worldwide areas, but every church has a limited outreach. Gospel truck provides the best chance for your preaching to save a significant number of sons of God. Many of them will hear the Gospel for the very first time.

People Unreached

We need to find a best way to get closed to this group and show the honor of Christ spirit. It is important to improve the efficiency of salvation. We shall go to them fast with absolute loyalty to God, and show the unreached with our honesty and respect to God.

—Hot Models—

S-100 stage trailer for Gospel

gospel stage truck

How can gospel truck help your crusade?

—Hot Models—

D-12 stage truck for Gospel

gospel truck with digital LED screen

Advantages of Gospel Stage Truck

Gospel stage truck can solve many problems in outdoor preaching. It can be easily driven to every corner of the country and city. You can set up the stage within 15 minutes. With LED screen, speaker, generator, stage lights and instrument, you have hold both big gospel concert or small outdoor gospel event. It will take your preaching to the next level.

Are you lack of big stage truck to get a better gospel concert? Would you want a mobile digital LED billboard truck for spreading Christ spirit? Siwun gospel truck models will make your gospel event benefit from our trucks.

Churches and Gospel Trucks

More and more churches and Christ organizations are using mobile gospel truck for their crusades to the unreached. And the gospel stage truck has been proved an effective way to build a better event. The LED screen and speakers on stage truck can better spread Christ spirit and let Jesus’s voice to be heard.

You can also use the stage lights to perform a wonderful Christ brand show to share the belief on God.  The gospel stage truck will be your good partner to save more people.

Strong Demand for Mobile Gospel Truck

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”–Mark 16:15

It has been a long time when churches and pastors make efforts to bring more people to Christ. During this long term holy spirit, God has shown a key guidance to multiply these effectiveness. That key strategy is preaching face to face.

People are there and waiting for our reaching. We shall have the wisdom of the Lord to figure out how to take our preaching to the next level. We need more convenient ways to reach those people who are waiting for salvation. We shall take and show real enormous Jesus spirit to them.

To turn this great vision into reality, we have found the mobile gospel stage truck for preaching.

Can you imagine that? A super big hydraulic stage truck is parking on the ground with professional line array speakers, colorful stage lighting, wonderful Christ musical band who are ready to perform. All of these contribute to a memorial gospel show among believers. After it finished, the mobile gospel stage truck starts another campaign to next city in your country. This is the big power of gospel stage truck.

Can you also imagine this? A small digital LED billboard truck is equipped with LED screen, speakers, hydraulic stage and generator. This small digital gospel truck can spread Jesus Christ voice and videos at every corner of the city. Finally more and more unreached go into the church and pastor asking for salvation. This is big power of small LED truck for gospel.

If you support to make this gospel truck into reality, you are helping to reach countless people for Jesus. 

Build, Donate, Rent Gospel Truck

Would you want to build gospel truck? Or rent a gospel truck for your events? Siwun would like to offer you the service. We can help you build custom trucks, and help you find other person who also wants to take the gospel truck in your country.

If you are lack of funds to buy the gospel truck, we can collect your demands and contacts. When there are more and more people or organizations who want to take this gospel truck, we will introduce you to share and make the most of the gospel truck.

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