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Make Political Publicity Reach More Citizens

Since most government officers work in the room, most publicity are posted online to citizens. However, there are still many political publicities that should go into the crowd face by face.  Let’s say traffic safety trainings, anti-drug educating, fire prevention trainings, health protection knowledge and much more.

However, we have found that many government department are lack of efficient offline publicity medias. They have to adopt creative promoting ways to spread the knowledge and make citizens seen and heard.

Make Your Policy Heard

The best way to improve the publicity is to go into the people and talk face to face. That is why government officers need cars to do their daily job. Publicity is the same case. You also need a mobile publicity truck to spread your voice and policies to citizens.

Training Your Citizens

There are too many knowledges you shall train your citizens. In other word, many of your government department need mobile publicity truck to reach citizens bellow the line. Plan and conduct more activities to tach your people. In this way, you are improving your function as government department.

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IVECO mobile LED billboard truck

How to benefit from government publicity with your truck?

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D-6S mobile office publicity truck

Mobile digital LED truck for police

Advantages of Mobile Publicity Truck

Siwun mobile publicity truck are manufactured based on the government department publicity requirements. This truck have integrated functions like broadcasting, training , exhibiting, mobile office and other functions you many need.

Siwun mobile publicity truck has been widely used in government departments like traffic police, fire police,  Information and Communications department, health department etc. These publicity trucks play an important role in the information release and bellow-the-line training activities. 

Mobile publicity trucks have been an effective mobile digital media to help the government department to educate citizens and build a safe and stable society.

Siwun mobile LED billboard truck for traffic safety educating

LED billboard truck for traffic safety training

Mobile Publicity Truck For Fire Police

Mobile Publicity truck with LED display and fire equipment showroom is a customized exhibition truck to educate the public fire prevention knowledge. It has large outdoor truck mounted LED display to show educational fire knowledge. You can also display some fire equipment inside to teach people how to use in the fire accident.

Besides the expensive fire truck, fire police department need this cost effective publicity truck to improve citizens’ awareness of fire prevention. A model society should prevent these accidents in advance and it is also the responsibility of the government to do the education and promotion.

 In China, mobile publicity truck has been equipped in many fire police stations. More and more governments are using this truck to improve their service and functions.

Fire Prevention Education Is Imminent

Every year there are many lives and assets lost in the fire accident. No matter in cities or villages, people should always take care of the fire prevention works. 

Fire prevention education and publicity is also a big challenge to the government fire police department. To reduce the fire accidents, fire police department should improve their regular education to citizens.

In this modern society, fire police department has many channels to spread the fire prevention knowledge such as TVs, billboard, newspapers, mobile advertising etc. However, a good fire prevention training should be impressive and efficient.  

Mobile Digital LED Truck for Political Campaign

In 2021, there are more than 13 countries to elect new leader in African continent. When the election year comes, advertising media will also step into busy season.

In early years, much more billboards, TVs, radios, newspapers etc will be set up to show the promotion of general elections. At the same time, many offline campaigns will be planed and launched in those big cities of the country.

Now something new has happened. While some traditional media channels like newspaper and magazine have gone weaken, new advertising media like mobile ads and digital LED billboard trucks have appeared in recent political campaigns.

Combing features of bus ads and digital LED billboards, mobile LED screen truck has better publicity effects in the president election campaigns.

Why LED screen truck is popular? It is a new independent outdoor media which has maximum flexibility to post your promotion videos. You just need to upload the video on truck screen, then you can drive and promote it everywhere you would like to go. It is super easy!

A digital publicity truck has outstanding designs to give a good performance in election campaigns. The good visual truck screen can promote the candidate’s policy and slogan to win the election. The mobile LED truck can work as a big publicity truck fleet in many cities. It can make your voice spread at every corner of the city.

Actually mobile digital LED display truck has worked in many countries for election such as United States, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar etc. It has been a smart investment to make the mobile LED billboard truck serve this big political even. There are not only general elections or president elections, but also local governor elections. A mobile digital LED billboard truck can always help your publicity stand out!

LED billboard truck for Nigeria election

LED billboard truck sample for Ghana election

Build your mobile LED advertising truck for government publicity

Would you want to build mobile digital publicity truck? Siwun can build different trucks with LED display, exhibition room, office room and other custom functions for your government department.

Would you like to buy mobile LED billboard truck for serving government political publicity? We also have rich models for you to invest less but earn more profits in these political events. Send us a message and let us start an open talk.

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