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Huawei mobile exhibition truck campaigns
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    Huawei, the global leader in telecoms, has a great range of products to promote and advertising. This article will share Huawei mobile advertising trucks both in China and many other countries.

    In fact, there are more than one certain type of promoting truck model in Huawei advertising campaigns. Some of these trucks are manufactured by Chinese advertising truck factory, and others are Huawei hiring from local communication companies. 

    Check these cases of mobile exhibition truck from Huawei. Hopefully you will find more ideas to expand your business with mobile promoting trucks.

    Case 1: Huawei Nova event semi trailer in China

    This story started with Huawei Nova smartphone promoting. Every year Nova will launch its new version smartphone into market. Huawei marketing team members have to plan a distinctive event to advertise this new cellphone.

    As one of the largest cell phone manufacturers in China, Huawei needs to show creative ideas to attract more young attentions. Now what method do they use for this time? A mobile exhibition & event semi trailer.

    I shall tell you the result in advance. They have created a really wonderful launch for these young girls to play in this show. Can’t believe it? This video bellow will show you how impressive their events are!

    Huawei Nova smartphone promoting activities with mobile event trailer

    #1 Challenge of promoting Huawei Nova smartphone brand

    It is not easy to make the smartphone promotional events outstanding. Especially there are so many phone brands who have many forms to launch the new product. 

    In the past few years, Huawei Nova smartphone has been focusing on young consumer groups. Their positioning of products are value, photography, quality, etc. Huawei Nova is specifically tailored for young girls, with beautiful selfies, high value appearance and a more dynamic brand culture. 

    However, their competitors like VIVO are also aiming at young consumers. If you want to beat your competitor, you have done something fresh to attract more clients. What effective marketing tools will Huawei choose? What is the best event which can closely link Nova smartphone with young people?

    Fierce competition in China smartphone market

    Fierce competition in China smartphone market: Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi etc.

    #2 How to build Huawei's mobile roadshow semi trailer

    After the discussion by Huawei’s marketing team, they finally decided to build a mobile exhibition center on 40ft semi trailer to hold Nova roadshow in big cities of China. They plan to set up an interesting play center surround the exhibition truck. Many young girls can have fun with the joy zone surround the trailer.

    Huawei mobile exhibition semi trailer has a large outdoor LED display that could be raised high up. The screen on semi trailer can play promotional videos of Huawei Nova smartphone. It also has a foldable stage that can be used as a hosting area and a band performance area. Huawei also built several mobile exhibition areas for young people to experience.

    Huawei mobile exhibition truck
    Huawei event semi trailer with large LED display

    Siwun 40ft exhibition semi trailer with huge LED display for Huawei

    #3 Wonderful performance of Huawei Nova event semi trailer

    After the mobile exhibition trailer was completed, Huawei conducted offline activities in five big modern cities across China. Those places they chose to hold Nova promoting events are shopping mall square near colleges and universities.

    In these events, young people can enjoy several experience areas and have chance to win prize. They called these games ‘wkward Dance Institute’, ‘Childhood Amusement Park’, ‘Beauty Design Institute’,and ‘Dream Making Lab’.

    Young girl is taking photo
    Young girl printed her phone shot by Huawei Nova

    Young girl printed her phone shot by Huawei Nova

    These activity site provided a poster selfie pavilion. Young people can generate a selfie poster through this phone. It also shows the beauty selfie effect of this Nova smart phone product, and young girls love this function very much.

    In Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha and Nanjing, this Huawei nova event attracted many people to participate. They can get a stamp certification, and they could participate in the lucky draw after collecting four stamps. In the evening, these young consumers danced with DJ on event truck stage and played for fun with Nova smartphone.

    See the happy face on these young girls? What an interesting product launch event!

    Young people play for fun near Nova mobile exhibition event semi trailer

    #4 What can we learn from Huawei mobile event trailer

    Huawei mobile event trailer in outdoor activity promoting

    Case 2: Huawei mobile LED billboard truck campaign

    In this case we discuss how Huawei uses advertising trucks to promote its cell phone products in small counties and cities in China. First let’s look at a Huawei poster.

    Huawei LED stage truck campaign post

    Huawei LED advertising stage truck campaign poster

    In this poster you can see a truck with stage and LED display, which is Huawei’s custom-made two smart roving trucks. It collects many of Huawei’s smartphones and home communication products, etc., bringing Huawei’s products and services to the people.

    It allowed consumers to have face-to-face interactive experiences, thus gaining a deeper understanding of Huawei’s products.

    #1 How Huawei decorates the mobile LED stage truck

    Huawei wanted to use mobile LED advertising truck to run promotions with its dealers nationwide. So they have many attractive features in the design of the roadshow advertising truck.

    As you know, entertainment and health are topics of great concern to consumers. Therefore, Huawei created an experiencing space inside the truck box. The theme of tour and functions of promotional truck are focused on entertainment and “sports and health”.

    Huawei mobile LED advertising truck campaign space design
    Huawei LED advertising truck at night

    Huawei LED advertising truck has been set up ready for activity

    Huawei smart phone zone

    Step into the LED advertising truck and experience the super five-star Huawei new cellphone experience. In the new year, you can experience the latest Huawei mobile smartphone in the Huawei roadshow truck and enjoy attractive price discounts.

    Huawei smartphone zone in roadshow advertising truck

    Huawei smartphone zone in roadshow advertising truck

    Huawei smart home zone

    This is one of the inside space zone to display Huawei smart home devices. These devices include Huawei Router, sound speaker, portable Wifi, socket, LED lights and so on. You will enjoy the digital world inside this small game zone.

    Huawei smart home product space

    Huawei smart home product space inside truck

    Huawei photographing gallery

    In this zone you can bring your family and friends and take your first family photo of the New Year with Huawei smart phone. Huawei has also arranged for a professional makeup artist to create a beautiful and natural look for you.

    Huawei photographing gallery besides the truck

    Huawei photographing gallery besides the truck

    Service and rest zone

    Do you feel a little tired? Don’t worry Huawei also prepared a rest area outside the mobile LED stage truck. You may wish to sit here after busy shopping. The attentive staff will also provide you with free cleaning phone, film, cellphone speed up and other services.

    Rest zone besides LED stage truck

    Huawei rest and service zone besides the truck

    Besides functions we mentioned above, there are more zones like sport experiencing, gaming zone etc. All of these functions and game area will integrate with the mobile LED adverting truck to give you better experience.

    #2 How Huawei organizes the campaign event with LED stage truck

    Huawei smart phone business requires more than just digital advertising online. After several years of brand promotion, they believe that they need to give consumers a good consumer experience environment. In this way, Huawei can build a better brand image in the eyes of consumers.

    Through face-to-face communication, you can really experience products in depth. After a variety of cell phone brands have carried out offline promotions, Huawei has also created its own nationwide advertising truck campaign.

    Prepare 2 mobile LED advertising trucks for campaign

    To improve the efficiency, Huawei used 2 mobile LED advertising trucks built by Siwun for their promotion campaign in China. One is 10 meter length and the other is 6 meter length. Both trucks have foldable stage, speakers, and outdoor LED display mounted on truck.

    Huawei 10m mobile LED advertising truck

    Huawei 10m LED stage truck at campaign ceremony

    Huawei 6m mobile LED billboard truck

    Huawei 6m LED stage truck at campaign ceremony

    Make the promoting campaign more impressive to consumers

    Huawei marketing team and distributors have prepared rich contents and performance for these campaigns. They have decorated the LED stage truck well and now need to use attractive performance to make consumer stay and buy.

    They have arranged dancers, music band, magic show, lucky draw, and many more activities. These performances contributed the hot atmosphere of campaign events. Here are some photos to show the impressive Huawei promoting activities.

    Huawei 6m LED stage truck attracted many consumers
    Huawei 6m LED billboard truck with stage at night

    Huawei mobile LED stage truck performance at daytime and night

    #3 How Huawei benefit from mobile LED stage truck

    Huawei has adopted mobile advertising truck for many years. Every time they want to make the design more outstanding.

    For this nationwide promotional brand campaigns, Huawei mobile LED stage trucks have performed well to build the connection with their fans and consumers.

    Here are some tips why Huawei held these successful advertising activities.

    Huawei successful adverting activity

    Case 3: Huawei exhibition truck for 5G technology

    5G is now. This slogan shows that Huawei is ready to show their new technology in many countries. Instead of displaying the technology inside showroom, Huawei has taken 5G demo truck to the public.

    Attendance have the opportunity to experience Huawei 5G technology in multiple applications in different industries. In this way, the mobile 5G demo truck has integrated and shown broad portfolio of Huawei 5G solutions and products.

    #1 Different models of Huawei 5G demo truck

    In this case, you can see different structures of mobile 5G experience trucks hired by Huawei. You may see how wonderful designs they use exhibition truck to display their brand and products.

    Huawei small 5G demo truck in Europe

    Huawei used a mobile 5G exhibition truck in Europe to display their 5G products and service. This truck has small size but big extendable box at both sides. This truck has traveled more than ten countries in Europe. 

    Check photo bellow. You can see there are two sides expandable boxes to build a large showroom inside. A glass door can access to the showroom in the truck. Huawei 5G products are powered by individual mobile generator trailer near the 5G demo truck.

    Huawei 5G expandable demo truck box

    Unlike the small 5G demo truck, Huawei also used a much bigger truck container to show their products. This is an easy-unloading exhibition box on truck. When the truck arrives at site, the smart exhibition container can drop onto ground with its hydraulic stabilizers.

    With transparent glass wall on both sides of exhibition container, there is good viewing experience inside. You can better see Huawei 5G technologies inside.

    This fast set-up container has larger space to display your product. Moreover, you only need little time to easily get this showroom done. It has been a growing popular exhibition container for product launch.

    Huawei mobile expandable smart truck box for 5G

    Huawei mobile smart 5G demo truck box at exhibition

    Huawei 5G mobile exhibition truck in China

    In China, Huawei worked with China Unicom to build 5G exhibition semi trailer for the technology campaign. The exhibition semi trailer is 40feet length with expandable showroom. It can be set up within 30 minutes by hydraulic control.

    Huawei mobile 5G exhibition semi trailer in China

    Huawei has put advanced equipment with advanced 5G technology. You can watch 5G videos, try VR technology, and experience the speed of 5G. They have created good decoration in the roadshow exhibition semi trailer. The goal is to take you to try fresh 5G world which Huawei can take you there.

    Huawei equipment inside 5G exhibition semi trailer in China

    What we can learn from Huawei 5G demo truck

    Case 4: Huawei stage truck for cellphone promoting

    In this case we will see some stage truck photos from Huawei smart phone promotional events in China. This stage truck is a very typical design. Even now there are still large demand in China small cities and towns.

    Huawei mobile music stage truck for cellphone campaign

    Huawei mobile music stage truck is preparing events

    This mobile stage truck has hydraulic roof. After lifting up, it can match the hydraulic stage to build a waterproof area for stage performance. There is also a big size LED display at the middle of stage to show promotional videos in the event.

    To make the brand easily seen by attendance, they build big banners surround the stage and stand on truck stage. People can easily know who has held this campaign.

    Band performance on Huawei stage truck

    Huawei mobile music stage truck is preparing events

    A successful event must have good performance to invite attendance to join and play. Like other advertising trucks, Huawei mobile stage truck has also prepared good band musical performance, KTV station, discount on new smartphone, and many other attractive prizes.

    With good visual LED display video, colorful stage lights, powerful stage speakers, this stage truck has held better events than expect. Here are some photos which show how consumers enjoy these promotional activities.

    Huawei stage truck hot performance in the campaign

    Tips to hold better mobile stage truck events

    Case 5: Huawei mobile DigiTruck campaign in Kenya

    In Kenya, Huawei set up a mobile digital classroom on a semi trailer. The mission of the Huawei DigiTruck is to improve the awareness of digital concept and train them with basic and modern digital skills.

    As Huawei said, this mobile digital classroom will bring digital to every person, home, and organization. Let us see the video story of DigiTruck from Huawei company.

    Even though the structure of Huawei DigiTruck is very simple, this digital mobile classroom has effective influence on the training. It has solar system and batteries for students to study at daytime and night. There are also laptops and TV for them to learn the class.

    The mobile classroom is not big but it takes skills and knowledges to people who are seeking for the opportunity to change their lives by digital technology.

    Huawei DigiTruck in kenya

    How Huaweiers think of these mobile exhibition truck

    In many campaign events, you can see Huawei marketing team members to design, arrange and review the whole promoting activities. They got involved in many rules in organizing the whole process.

    What do they think of the advertising truck campaigns? Did the campaign work well to activate their brands and products? In the following video, many Huaweiers have shared their feelings in Chinese promotional campaigns.

    As they said, it is not easy to hold this roadshow truck campaign in the nation. However, they still feel glad when they see the result in each event. Offline mobile advertising vehicles are one of the best way to connect your brand with potential clients or your fans. It surely will work in a long term as effective out-of-home advertising channel.


    In short, Huawei has tries many mobile advertising trucks in global area to promote their business and services. The good news is that you can also use these exhibition trucks and advertising trucks to grow your own business.

    You can ask factory to build the advertising truck models with these functions. What’s more, you can also try to work with Huawei branch office in your country or work with the similar company near your city.

    No matter what mobile advertising truck model you have chose, Siwun can always build the truck for you and share more successful cases with you to make your business grow.

    What do you think of these Huawei roadshow truck cases? Don’t hesitate to write your comments and share your idea with us.


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