D-6 Mobile LED Billboard Truck

— Best model for start-up

Siwun D-6 LED billboard truck is the most popular small advertising truck model for outdoor promoting. Many advertising agencies bought this model for their first LED screen truck investment. Many big brands also bought this truck to build  their advertising truck fleet.

Features of D-6 LED Billboard Truck

Siwun D-6 truck has all functions of big advertising trucks with less cost. It has a light duty truck with maximum 7.37 square meters outdoor led screen. The high definition of truck LED display can support you with texts, photos, videos, camera, and TV programs live. The portable truck stage is also very helpful in your events.

High Investment Return

Hottest model among all Siwun product series with less cost for your advertising business. You can operate it easily and get big potential market opportunities.

Better Ads Performance

D-6 LED truck has high mobility to reach every street in the city. You can display advertising videos while driving or launch promoting activities when parked.

Catching More Audience

Stage for singers and dancers attracts more attentions and crowds for your advertising campaign. On board generator will provide more than 8 hours continuous electricity.

D-6 Truck Specification


Dimension 5995mm×2100mm×3150mm
Gross Weight 4950 KG
Outdoor LED screen 3840mm×1920mm
Pixel Pitch 4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm
Screen Lifting 1800mm
Stage Size 4800mm×2400mm
Generator 8KW
Speakers 200W

Truck Operating Video

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Technology Advantage of D-6 Truck

— That's how we care about quality

This is a leading popular LED truck model, and we keep building D-6 mobile LED truck with high quality. We prefer to make sure you can use it for longer time rather than sacrifice the quality to sell at cheap price. 

Reasons to Choose D-6 Mobile LED Truck

Siwun has manufactured hundreds of D-6 mobile LED billboard truck in past several years. This model has turned to be the most successful small LED advertising truck which leads the industry. Now we continue improving the quality with better material and new technology to make this model more convenient and competitive. 

Foton truck chassis for Siwun D-6 LED billboard Truck

100% original brand new LED billboard truck chassis

Siwun works with Foton, Dongfeng, JAC, HOWO, Isuzu etc truck chassis manufacturer. The D-6 truck chassis is built from original brands to ensure the quality and service.

D-6 Truck LED display

High brightness truck LED screen with longer lifespan

We use high grade LED screen configurations include good chips, high refresh rate, better LED power supply in industry. Check video above and you will see our D-6 truck has a better visual outdoor truck screen.

Most Durable Truck Stage

Automatically hydraulic stage with sub manual high strength stage

Siwun D-6 truck has durable event stage with high end surface coating treatment. The stabilizers and handrails of  truck stage are also rust-proof and much stronger than competitors. All details of truck stage show professional and high end.

underneath digital inverter generators

Unique silent underneath gasoline digital inverter generator for vehicle

Customized 8KW underneath petrol digital inverter generator for D-6 truck. EPA certification. Small size, ultra silent noise control and less fuel consumption. Save your space room inside truck box. We also offer 8KW silent diesel  generator.

D-6 Media Control Flight case

Portable integrated media control flight case for D-6 truck

This media flight case has integrated necessary equipment for truck LED screen and speakers. You can easily operate those video processor, amplifier and play box. Just put the flight case inside the truck or aside the LED truck.

3 Truck Versions Available for Sale

D-6 standard LED truck version

D-6 Standard Truck Version

Light duty truck with one side LED screen, one side stages, light box, generator, and speakers.

D-6E LED billboard truck with extension box

D-6E Extension Truck Version

D-6 truck with one more hydraulic extended box. Large showroom space inside the truck body.

Custom Truck Box Version

Customized LED truck body based on your own truck chassis size and model. 

Application Gallery of D-6 Truck

Explore our D-6 mobile LED billboard truck already manufactured and operating in outdoor events.

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