How to Select Silent Generator for LED Screen Truck

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    The LED advertising vehicle, also called mobile led truck or digital billboard truck, has become one of the most famous choice for outdoor advertising events and promotions in recent years. With its flexible mobility, low advertising cost, better sound and video vision, the LED advertising truck is composed of three main parts: light duty truck chassis, outdoor LED display panel, on board generator and other auxiliary equipment.

    Therefore, the quality of these three parts has become the top priority of selecting ideal advertising vehicle.Most of the customers have an better understanding of how to choose good led display and truck brand. However, the selection of generator sets is still not well understood by these customers resulting in a lot of trouble during using the led truck generator. Actually, the numerous brands, different prices, uneven quality and after-sales service system has made the users puzzled when they select the on board generator.

    Guangzhou Siwun Vehicle Co., Ltd., with its professional generator providers and sales experience equipped with LED advertising vehicle generators, gives the following suggestions for users to choose the guaranteed generator for mobile LED advertising truck.

    Tips 1: Choose the suitable power of the generator.

    The main electric consumption equipment of LED advertising truck are LED display, computer, power amplifier, heat dissipation fan, air conditioning, led lamps and so on.

    If the computer and other auxiliary equipment are not used, the power of the generator can be determined by the size of the LED screen. It is suggested that the power consumption of the P6 outdoor led screen is 800W/sqm. If the area of all the screens is 7sqm, the power consumption of the screens is 7*800W=5600w. And if the auxiliary equipment is magnified 40%, then 5600w*1.4=7800W.

    Therefore, the power of generator is proposed to be 8000w. If auxiliary equipment is considered little power consumption, it can be estimated based on 1100W/sqm for the P6 led screens.

    Tips 2: Gasoline or Diesel? Know what you really want before select.

    Generally, the mainstream types of generators in the market are divided into gasoline and diesel generators. Under the same brand and the same power, diesel generator is more expensive than the gasoline one.

    Does that mean diesel generator is better than gasoline for digital led truck? No, It depends. From the aspects of carrying capacity, heat dissipation, maintenance, noise value, oil saving cost, safety performance and after-sales service, Siwun recommends that the customer can choose water cooled diesel generator as power source. The diesel generator has the advantages of strong carrying capacity(16KW, 25KW or 30KW), good water cooling effect, stable speed, high fuel saving, high safety performance and easy maintenance.

    The generator is usually placed in a relatively confined space, which requires higher ventilation and ventilation. The gasoline generator is generally running at high speed over 3000 turns, and the heat of the machine itself is high. With the heat of the electronic components of the LED screen , the temperature in the truck box is very easy to exceed the ambient temperature required by the normal operation of the generator. What is worse, there are considerable security risks.

    The diesel generator adopts water cooling and the speed is generally stable. With strong heat dissipation ability, the generator can adapt to the high temperature inside the diesel engine. With the same power, the diesel engine has much lower fuel consumption than the gasoline engine, which will save users a lot of fuel cost. Therefore, diesel generators are more economically suitable for the use of LED advertising vehicles.

    There is no denying that gasoline generator also has its own advantage. Compared with diesel engine, gasoline generator has small size, less weight and occupies less space. It is more convenient to move and save the space room inside the led truck. By assembling the gasoline under the chassis, advertising truck owners can store more promotion materials inside the truck box. With technology developed, advanced gasoline generator has also lower noise and better safety security.

    Tips 3: The lower generator noise, the better for your events.

    In the process of sales, the advertising truck owner may feel confused if they should not buy a super silence generator. They may find themselves in a dilemma. The open generator is cheap but not applicable, and the super quiet generator is applicable but the price is high.

    Siwun, as a professional Chinese roadshow truck manufacturer, recommends that customers should purchase ultra silence or super silence generators.

    Considering the LED advertising trucks use the sound, video and electricity to display the advertisement or live broadcast scene, its advantage is the audio-visual effect which gives the audience a shock. Under this situation, the noise of generator should not be louder than the speakers.

    The led advertising truck is parking in busy streets, community, meeting, community or busy crowd gathering place. If the noise of the generator is very large, it will not only greatly reduce the effect of LED display but also frighten audience to leave away.

    Therefore, it is suggested that the customer should choose a super silence generator set with 55dB~58dB for the working environment in the city. It is also reasonable If the noise of generator is below 70dB in the county or town. Please always remember that the lower, the better.

    Tips 4: Pay attention to engine brand and generator manufacturer.

    There are many kinds of engine brands in the market and the performance indexes vary widely. Some digital led truck owners have financial strength to afford the original imported generator engine brands, such as Kubota, YAMAHA, Briggs&Stratton, Panda, Cummins and other brands. However, the majority of generator engines are Chinese domestic brands such as SDEC, WEICHAI and other brands.

    The advantage of the import brand is stability in quality and fuel consumption efficiency. However, the price of imported generator engine is expensive and high. The initial cost for the user is about 1.5 times than Chinese generator engine at the power. Moreover, some of the spare parts need the long delivery time and the price of spare parts is also very high than Chinese brand.

    In some countries, it is still difficult to find after-sales service supplier or to repair the generator. Many agents do not have the stock of the whole machine and spare parts. In some case, the cost of overhaul accounts for more than 30% of the purchase price of the new machine.

    Chinese domestic generator engine brands also have their own strengths and weaknesses. The price of domestic brands is competitive and they can offer more convenient after-sell service for domestic market and deliver spares fast for international market. However, Chinese domestic brands have limitation to enter the developed countries such as United States and Europe.

    Beside the engine brand, the generator manufacturer is also a main factor to select the generator. Several Chinese generator manufacturers have been specializing in the production of vehicle generator set, which has a better understanding and design for the working conditions of the advertising vehicle. Their generator set is moderate in price, reliable in performance and well designed with exhaust, air intake and suction. It is more suitable for use in closed space such as vehicles.

    Siwun has its own generator supplier who has been researching and developing vehicle generator for years. Of course, the operation and maintenance of the generator is very economic.

    Tips 5: Find the right LED advertising manufacturer.

    Is this tip can help customer to find good quality generator? Definitely. Because of the low limitation of the LED advertising vehicle technology, many advertising companies, LED screen sellers and some special truck factories are all producing and selling LED trucks, resulting in the difference in the price and quality of LED advertising vehicles.

    Due to lack of professional and technical strength, the transformation of intake and exhaust passageways is not noticed in the installation of generator. This trouble will bring many problems to the normal use of generators.

    There also some manufacturers select cheaper generators to save the cost and make their led advertising trucks more competitive on the price. Therefore, it is suggested that advertising company owners should better purchase the vehicle with professional factory and sales engineer or purchase the generator by yourself and install it to the digital led truck.

    Tips 6: Difference between normal generator and vehicle generator.

    In China, the generator manufacturers have designed series of professional generator for led advertising trucks. Unlike normal diesel generator, the on board generator has down intake and down exhaust design to better fit the truck.

    What’s more, these manufacturers have reduced the noise of generators to offer better working environment. These models have been updated during these years and this technology is becoming better and better. It is unreasonable to judge the quality by comparing the price of vehicle generator with normal generator online. The advertising owner should listen to the suggestions if they are not familiar with the generator set.


    As Chinese top LED advertising truck manufacturer, Siwun suggest customers to pay more attention to the vehicle generator and have a better understanding of the design and quality in case they may have problems during using the generator in the future. And we are also keeping updating our professional on board generators to power the LED advertising vehicles. No matter how the customer choose their generators, we are committed to offering professional suggestions and help our customers purchase qualified mobile led trucks.


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