Mobile Stage Models

S-100 Stage Trailer


Dimension 13000mm×2540mm×3930mm
Gross Weight 20000KG
Stage to Roof Top 4380mm
Right Stage Size 11000mm×3000mm
Left Stage Size 11000mm×3000mm

Siwun S-100 stage trailer has large stage area and can easily set up PA system, lighting, and LED screen etc. Your best solution for big events like gospel, concert and campaigns.

S-80 Stage Truck


Dimension 9980mm×2450mm×3940mm
Gross Weight 15000KG
Roof Lifting 1300mm
Right Stage Size 12200mm×3000mm
Left Stage Size 7000mm×3000mm

Siwun S-80 mobile stage truck is a medium duty truck with 80sqm foldable stage. This model has two sides stage and the roof can lift up.  It is good solution for promotions and ceremonies.

Introduction Of Mobile Stage

Siwun mobile stage

What is mobile stage?

Mobile stage is a portable stage installed on trucks or trailers which can be easily open and set up easily for outdoor events.

unlike traditional event stages, this movable stage takes less time to build a huge stage for your event. With hydraulic folding system, the big stage can be fitted inside the truck box or be the part of truck box. You only need to press a few buttons to unfold the mobile stage.

A good portable stage design has good integration of stage lights, PA system, stage LED screen, generator etc. All these functions of mobile stage will help even planner to hold the outdoor activities.

Applications of mobile truck stage

Siwun trucks are providing portable stage solution for outdoor events. In many countries, people are looking for a better and convenient way to build big stage or small stage for their event campaigns.

You can use mobile truck stage for musical, concert, gospel, donation, brand promoting, weddings, speech, political campaign, and education etc. There are much more activities you can find in the market and work with those truck stages.

Siwun factory will help you build customized mobile stage with more functions for your special events. As a result, you will expand the stage applications and business.

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