Mobile Telecom Promoting Truck Solution

Mobile Telecom Ads Surges on 5G Marketing

More and more mobile telecommunication companies  are spending advertising cost highlight new “5G” network services in global area. For example, AT&T and Verizon Wireless have opened an ongoing marketing battle of 5G service. In China, Mobile Telecom and China Unicom have also started the advertising campaigns on 5G technology.

Obviously there are many advertising media channel that mobile telecom brands can choose. For example, TV, retail stores, signs, press releases, digital screens, and much more. There is definitely niche outdoor media that mobile telecom promoting trucks do work.

Promote New Technology

The mobile telecom technology is updating fast in nowadays. Now the 5G is on lead by Huawei and other companies. Many global mobile telecom brands are planning to launch their products and services to the market. Mobile digital display truck advertising has been effective media to do the outdoor advertisement and technology experiencing.

Get Close to Consumers

Even though mobile telecom companies have spent a lot of money on digital online advertising, the face-to-face promoting bellow the line is still powerful media to communicate with consumers. This is what has been proven in China mobile roadshow truck promoting campaigns. Mobile telecom promoting truck can make your product and service get closer to target consumers.

—Hot Models—

ZTE mobile telecom roadshow truck

How Huawei use mobile telecom promoting truck worldwide?

—Hot Models—

40FT roadshow stage trailer

Airtel mobile telecom stage trailer

Advantages of Mobile Telecom Promoting Truck

Siwun mobile telecom promoting trucks have been manufactured or hired for mobile telecommunication companies in China and aboard. These truck series include mobile LED stage truck, exhibition semi trailer and small digital billboard truck etc. 

Mobile telecom advertising truck have good movability to reach any city and take the advanced equipment or service to consumers. Unlike online digital advertising, mobile stage truck with LED screen and speakers can allow customers touching real product and experiencing technology with zero distance.

In most mobile telecom truck campaigns, consumers spend more time in this mobile showroom than other advertisement. At the same time, they can get more information that mobile telecom brand wants to deliver. If you want people to learn deeply of the brand, mobile telecom promoting truck will be top choice for bellow-the-line advertising.

Chinese mobile telecommunication brands promoting truck

MTN mobile telecom promoting truck

Siwun D-6 digital LED screen truck for MTN Ghana

Mobile digital LED billboard truck has been a popular model for small business to start working with big mobile telecommunication brands. A better way is to build your mobile digital truck fleet to expand the influence and brand awareness. This is what happened in China market and some African countries.

If you want to improve the quality and depth of telecom promoting events, a bigger roadshow event trailer with large showroom space can help you organize impressive event. You may find many cases in China and Europe where event companies are focused on the consumer experience of the brand more than the quantity of reached people..

Mobile Telecom Promotion Truck is Global

Mobile telecom promotion truck has been a global solution to promote brands outdoor. You may see it in Africa, Europe, China, United States and many other countries.

Although their advertising truck structures may be different, the benefits and operating model are similar. In different countries, mobile telecom truck has played an important role to communicate with consumers of telecom brand. They have been a pioneer to take most advanced and newest technology to the public.

If you want to start the advertising business with this kind of mobile advertising truck, you can easily learn how to operate in these videos we shared to you.

Huawei Mobile 5G demo exhibition truck for displaying telecom technology

LED Stage Truck Also Promoted Smart Phone Brands

The amount of smartphone users in the world has been growing up in recent years. Many smart phone brands like Apple, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo etc have spent large amount of marketing budget on various media channels.  

smartphone users worldwide 2016-2021

As one of the most creative promoting OOH media, mobile LED stage truck has been widely applied in mobile telecommunication and smart phone promotion campaigns. This fierce competition especially happened in China. Mobile LED billboard truck advertising has been necessary to win the brand awareness both in small cities and big cities.

The battle between smartphone brands has been spread to global markets like Southeast Asia and Africa continent. We can expect more advertising trucks stepping into local branding campaign.

Will mobile advertising truck be out of date in cellphone promoting? The truth is that more and more mobile digital LED stage truck campaign projects are launched in China for smartphone brands. Some are organized by head office of cellphone brands. Some cellphone distributors will also use mobile LED billboard truck with stage to promote their business. 

Now 5G technology has been a new opportunity for both mobile telecommunication companies and smartphone companies. Both sides are investing larger budget on advertising their products. 

In those past mobile stage truck campaigns, many cellphone brands like Huawei, OPPO, and VIVO have tasted the benefits from the advertising truck. They have organized a good team to plan and operate these projects. During these vents, more event companies have also bought mobile LED advertising trucks from the manufacturer

As a result, now you can operate the mobile advertising truck campaign in China with less cost than before but get high returns on your money. Then we can see that mobile telecom and smartphone promoting truck will be a long term outdoor advertising media to operate. No just in China, it brings opportunity to other markets.

Build Your Custom Telecom Advertising Truck

Would you want advertising trucks to promote your mobile telecom business? Siwun has developed and manufactured many LED advertising truck models.

In past few years, we have worked with China Mobile, China Unicom, MTN, Huawei, OPPO and more brands in telecom industry. With skillful promoting truck designs, we can offer you with good cost and better performance custom trucks. Please drop a message and we start professional solution for your brand. 

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