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Siwun Mobile Exhibition Showroom launched 16th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

November 20, 2019

On November 22, the 17th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition will open. Siwun's newly customized double-layer mobile exhibition showroom for Volkswagen's imported cars has launched in Guangzhou automobile show, presenting a cool and high-quality auto feast for car fans.

In this echibition hall, you will see one button intelligent exhibition truck and extraordinary scenary in light and video. Over 70sqm comfortable experience space, it combines technology, brand and life. Tell the brand story, touch your heart in a moment and ignite your passion!

Siwun Mobile Exhibtion Showroom for VolkswagenVolkswagen Mobile Exhibtion Showroom from Siwun


Let's experience your exclusive service together!
2019.11.22 - 2019.12.01
More new discoveries in the mobile showroom of Volkswagen imported cars

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