Custom Roadshow Truck Models

Smart Roadshow Truck Box


Dimension 7600mm×2450mm×2800mm
Gross Weight 5000 KG
Outdoor LED screen 5184mm×2304mm
Stage Size 7000mm×2000mm
Showroom 16sqm+10sqm

Siwun smart roadshow truck box can self-unload from truck chassis. You can use hydraulic control to automatically set up the showroom in few minutes. You can use this model for mobile shop on street.

Custom Roadshow Truck Introduction

Siwun mobile roadshow truck shop

What is custom roadshow truck?

Customized roadshow truck models are specially designed according to clients’ request. They want use the truck for product display, experience marketing, sports events, branding campaigns and other activities.

Siwun has advantages of hydraulic structure design and body manufacturing. We use these technologies to help you build custom roadshow vehicles. These trucks and equipments include LED display, showroom area, decoration and other functions.

In past few years, we have helped many big brands to produce custom roadshow vehicles for band promoting. These trucks have fresh design combining with new display material. These customized trucks helped them stand out with impressive and creative product display.

Advantages of custom roadshow vehicle

Practicability. Portable truck for roadshow has cost advantage, good promoting effect and strong brand awareness. The roadshow vehicle can complete multiple promoting tasks with a convenient and fast way of exhibition.

Mobility. Custom truck for roadshow can be carried out in cities, towns, communities, campuses, fairs and other places. This vehicle will become the center of brand publicity activities with outstanding mobility. When the truck box is lifted or unfolded, a professional stage and showroom will be set up. When you finish the event, the whole roadshow truck will be closed and drive away fast.

If you have not found advertising truck models you want, please talk with us to get customized solution for your project. 

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