Mobile Smart Truck Box

— Fast set-up mobile roadshow room

Separable roadshow truck box sitting on ground! You can use this smart box for product exhibition and mobile shop on street. With Siwun stable hydraulic lifting system, you can folding the truck box in 30 minutes and drive it away!

Features of Roadshow Truck Box

Siwun custom roadshow truck box has combined  lifting, overturning, expansion and other structural deformation technologies. The box showroom space can be expanded by 450%, and the advertising area can be increased by more than 300%. This box has been manufactured with a variety of outdoor multimedia publicity equipment. The expandable truck box can offer you with unlimited exhibition creativity.

Reduce 90% set-up time

This truck box has self unloading process within 30 minutes for setting up. It has rapid deployment, simple operation, and high security.

Save 70% ads material

Container box has finished custom advertising decoration inside and outside. When unfolding, the showroom can be large advertising area.

Save 80% workers​

This roadshow box is equipped with advanced hydraulic sedimentation system. It can be operated by one staff without lifting equipment.

Smart Truck Box Specification


Dimension 7600mm×2450mm×2800mm
Gross Weight 5000 KG
Outdoor LED screen 5184mm×2304mm
Pixel Pitch 4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm
Screen Lifting 2000mm
Stage Size 7000mm×2000mm
Showroom 16sqm+10sqm
Hydraulic Stabilizer 4PCs

Truck Box Operating Video

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Technology Advantage of Smart Truck Box

— That's how we care about quality

As leading advertising roadshow truck manufacturer in China, Siwun roadshow truck box is an advanced model for roadshow product exhibition and promoting. We have integrated hydraulic technology with grand interior decoration to build best extendable truck box.

Reasons to Choose Smart Truck Box

Siwun smart roadshow truck box is a revolutionary offline roadshow activity platform. It can build a super attractive outdoor mobile roadshow exhibition center in 30 minutes. This box is equipped with automatic unloading and deformation technology. It has higher efficiency than traditional outdoor exhibition showroom. You can use this smart truck box to build showroom with less cost in short time.

Truck chassis for Siwun smart truck box

Fast moving shop on truck chassis

Siwun truck box is mounted on customized truck chassis for convenient transportation. The roadshow box container can be quickly transported to most cities in the country to hold activities.

Multiple applications of Siwun smart truck box

Safe and reliable structure

The box is driven by hydraulic power system without heavy machinery and manpower. Operation process is safe for you and the cabinet is fully enclosed design. Electrical equipment and circuit are hidden inside.

Siwun smart truck box inside decoration

Recycling design for different applications

Each portable truck box is designed to have a service life of more than 5 years with replaceable parts. You can replace the box advertisement and interior decoration in different activities. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

3 Smart Truck Boxes Versions for Sale

Extending Smart Truck Box

Extending Truck Box

Symmetrical double side expansion structure with 2.2 meters high glass wall on both sides. Transparent roadshow truck shop with wide space both inside and outside of the smart truck box.

Raising Smart Truck Box

Raising Roadshow Truck Box

Truck box with LED screen, stage and spacious indoor space. 12sqm outdoor LED display, 14sqm stage area and 26 sqm indoor space, are suitable for a variety of roadshow activities.

Double Deck Smart Truck Box

Double Deck Smart Truck Box

Double-layer and double expansion structure. This smart truck box has turned into a super transparent roadshow store. The indoor and outdoor space is large and the experience is comfortable. 

Application Gallery of Smart Truck Box

Explore our roadshow truck box already manufactured and operating in outdoor events.

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